Is Five Guys better than McDonald's Why

"Five Guys": This is what makes the fast food chain different from "McDonald's" and Co.

Burger attack on "McDonald’s", "Burger King" and Co .: With "Five Guys" a new fast food chain is entering the German market. But what makes it different from the competition? We introduce the burger chain.

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"Five Guys" could not have wished for better advertising: In 2009, then US President Barack Obama went to a branch of the burger chain. He ordered a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos and mustard for himself. He also brought burgers for his employees.

The Arizona Cardinals football games now have a special treat for fans: a three-kilo burger with hamburgers, sausages and hot dogs. Whoever manages the mega-bun gets a T-shirt - and maybe a heart attack.

Videos and pictures of the US President's popular order campaign went around the world. Suddenly everyone was talking about the burgers from "Five Guys".

Almost, because in 2009 there was still no branch in Germany.

In the meantime, Obama's favorite fast food chain has also arrived in this country. The first branch opened in Frankfurt am Main at the end of 2017, followed by three more in Essen, Berlin and Oberhausen. Munich should also have a branch by the end of the year.

The Germany boss of "Five Guys", Jörg Gilcher, has not yet given any information in an interview with our editorial team about possible new openings in 2019. He prefers to deal with other questions first: "How the German guest takes 'Five Guys' and whether there are regional differences."

This is how "Five Guys" came to Germany

In 1986 the first "Five Guys" restaurant was opened in the USA. The name goes back to the founding couple Janie and Jerry Murrell, who had four sons at the time. This and the father then formed the "Five Guys".

There are now around 1,500 branches worldwide, including in countries such as Canada and Saudi Arabia. Originally, the "Five Guys" family didn't want to expand at all. But because of the great interest it turned out differently.

Expansion into Europe was also not planned. "But there was an investor from the UK who wanted to invest his money in something that you can't buy on the Internet," said the Germany boss.

In cooperation between the "Five Guys" family and the investor from London, the first European restaurant was opened in London in mid-2013. There are now branches in other European countries such as France and Ireland.

That makes "Five Guys" different from "McDonald’s" and Co.

In this country, "McDonald’s" or "Burger King" are the fast food market power. Other franchise businesses like "Hans im Glück" tend to serve more sophisticated demands.

Now, with "Five Guys", another burger giant is pushing its way onto the German market, which wants to position itself in between.

The burger chain is more spartan with wooden chairs and tables than at "McDonald's" or "Burger King". The atmosphere is somewhat reminiscent of a train station hall.

But "Five Guys" is significantly more expensive and is priced more in the segment of "Hans im Glück". According to Gilcher, a cheeseburger with a patty, french fries and a drink costs around 14 euros.

At "McDonald’s" and Co. you can get a comparable menu for less than ten euros.

That's why "Five Guys" is more expensive

The price difference is mainly due to the preparation. According to their own statements, "Five Guys" completely dispenses with frozen goods, while "Burger King" or "McDonald's" does not.

When asked by our editorial team, "McDonald's" states that "all breads and all meat and fish ingredients" are delivered frozen.

The classic fast food chains are also usually quicker to prepare. This is because there are no ready-made burgers with names such as "Big Mac" or "Whopper" at "Five Guys" that are already ready-made in the hot counter.

The customer chooses the ingredients such as the number of patties and toppings as well as the sauce himself, only then is the burger prepared. "The preparation of the order usually takes seven to eight minutes," explains "Five Guys" Germany boss Gilcher.

There's beer in Germany

Anyone who knows "Five Guys" from the USA or other countries will quickly find their way around Germany. The concept only differs in detail.

It starts with the drinks. In contrast to the USA, "Five Guys" also sells beer in Germany.

There are also differences in the ingredients. According to the Germany boss, the German branches get these mainly from Europe instead of the USA.

The beef comes from Ireland, for example. Potatoes, tomatoes and the like, on the other hand, come from different European countries depending on the season: "Five Guys sources its vegetables from German wholesalers. They buy their goods within Europe," it says on request.

The pickles, on the other hand, are still being delivered from the USA. Only when a member of the "Five Guys" family approves a product from a different origin will it be sourced from there, according to Gilcher.

"McDonald's": beef "93 percent" from Germany

Other fast food chains like "McDonald's" don't just rely on German products. When asked by our editorial team, the chain states that "93 percent" of the beef comes from Germany, the remainder from Europe.

Salad and vegetables would mostly come from Reutlingen as well as from Poland and the Netherlands, in winter from warmer countries such as Spain, France or Morocco.

The focus is on regional markets

"Five Guys" wants to make changes to the supply chain. "Our strategy is to get as much as possible from Germany little by little," says Germany boss Gilcher. With four restaurants, however, this is "not yet fully" possible.

Further steps in this direction have already been taken. A bakery in Nuremberg has recently started supplying the Berlin branch, while the other two are still getting their rolls from France.

But German bakeries are to be found for these too - but not before the "Five Guys" headquarters have approved them. Barack Obama is supposed to get his typical "Five Guys" burger on a future visit to Germany.