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Technical upgrade: Mercedes relies on Nvidia computers for future cars

Santa Clara (dpa) - Daimler is setting a strategic course for future Mercedes cars on computers from the US company Nvidia. The technology should run driver assistance systems, partially automated driving and completely independent navigation in parking lots.

The first model with the jointly developed vehicle architecture should be on the road at the end of 2024, said Daimler boss Ola Källenius. Over time, the technology should be used in all model series of Mercedes-Benz cars.

Software updates possible over a long period of time

A great benefit of the system is the ability to update it with new features and capabilities. "It is a new era for the automotive industry, which traditionally had long development cycles," emphasized the head of Nvidia's auto business, Danny Shapiro. In the past, a car was the best thing to buy, but now it can get better over time thanks to software, said Nvidia boss Jensen Huang. Mercedes cars could stay on the road for 10 or 20 years - and with the new platform this entire time could be refreshed with software, he argued. "The business model of the auto industry will change."

Shapiro emphasized that software is now also playing a decisive role in the automotive industry. "It's software that can make products better and better." Nvidia's "Orin" car computer, which was introduced at the end of last year, is to come into all Mercedes cars - regardless of the model class and the function packages purchased by customers. In Nvidia technology, among other things, the data from various sensors should be processed and the software should run with artificial intelligence. Shapiro assured that the system will still be state-of-the-art in 2024. Mercedes has not yet given any information about which model series should get the Nvidia systems first.

No retrofitting possible

Since it is a completely new vehicle architecture, it will not be possible to retrofit the technology in previous models.

Many companies are currently working on software and other technologies for automated driving. The Google sister company Waymo, which is already testing a Robotaxi service in the USA, is considered to be very advanced. Among others, Apple and the driving service broker Uber as well as various start-ups are working on software for autonomous driving.

Even car manufacturers and suppliers do not want to leave the field to tech companies and are developing their own solutions. There are also collaborations - Volkswagen and Ford work together in the robot car company Argo AI.

Cooperation between BMW and Mobileye

Until recently, Mercedes and BMW were also exploring a joint development of technology for automated driving, but this partnership was suspended last week. BMW is cooperating with the Intel subsidiary Mobileye, which competes with Nvidia with its computers and software. Mercedes also set up a cooperation with Bosch with a focus on robotic taxis in the city - but this project will be postponed in favor of the cooperation with Nvidia, said Källenius. Shapiro emphasized that Nvidia will continue to work with other companies in the auto industry.

Nvidia was originally known primarily as a graphics card specialist. But since it became clear that graphics cards are well suited for applications with artificial intelligence, the company from Silicon Valley has been increasingly relying on technology for machine learning, including autonomous driving.