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Possible career options after completing a degree in seafaring and shipping management

Everyone craves a feeling of excitement and satisfaction at work, along with security and reliability. You might want to pursue an executive career that doesn't tie you up to 9-5 hours or a drab office space. You may also want to pursue a career that allows you to take risks and take on unconventional responsibilities.

If you like the above, you may want to pursue a career in maritime and shipping management.

If you have always dreamed of working in the vast blue seas, a career in shipping management could be the ideal choice for you.

This blog is aimed at people interested in jobs in the maritime industry. Read on to learn about the benefits of working in the shipping industry and the different types of maritime jobs available after graduation in the field.

What do you understand by maritime and shipping management?

From the management of dock work, the coordination with logistics companies for the movement of goods to the handling of the procurement of shipping materials for the construction of new ships and the repair of old ships - all these activities fall into the field of maritime and shipping management.

A specialist in maritime management takes on all tasks associated with the operation of a port or a ship. According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), more than 90% of world trade is carried out by sea. Maritime and shipping management also includes complex responsibilities such as maritime trade regulations and coordination with international naval authorities.

Why Should You Go For a Masters Degree in Shipping Management?

The shipping industry is a significant part of international trade and logistics. In the course of globalization and increasing communication between countries, it is expected that this proportion will continue to rise and that thousands of new and interesting jobs will be created in the maritime industry as a result.

You can take advantage of this boom with a course in shipping management. Here are other benefits to look forward to with a shipping management qualification.

  • Good Salaries: The salaries you can earn in this industry are usually higher than similar offshore titles. That's because jobs in this sector are seen to be tougher than other industries. Also, a shipping management salary can be more attractive due to its tax-free nature.
  • Travel Opportunities: A career in shipping gives you the opportunity to make incredible global travel. You have the chance to get to know interesting and unusual places, and not just the typical business or vacation destinations that are visited by many people.
  • Good long-term prospects: There is an increased need for more qualified shipping officers to meet the skills required by international shipping companies. This in turn creates excellent prospects for you to grow in your career in shipping and offers the opportunity to change jobs within the industry.
  • Career flexibility and job security: Shipping can be an ideal occupation for you if you need a position that offers flexible hours and stability. Most management jobs in the shipping industry allow you to set your own working hours. With the recent boom in the industry, your job will be reasonably safe too.
  • Amazing Perks and Perks: Imagine a job that gives you the freedom to wrap up all of your vacations at once and that gives you extra perks like freebies or gifts on top of your salary. Most jobs in the maritime industry come with many perks to attract skilled applicants. A common benefit of most jobs in this sector is the ability to take long vacation days.
  • Transferable Skills: Acquire extensive transferable skills, such as the ability to keep calm under pressure, good observation, and more. These skills can help you build a successful career in a different industry if you want to switch.

What different career opportunities do you expect in the seafaring industry?

With a shipping management degree, you will be able to understand and implement suitable strategies in maritime management. They will also be able to offer solutions to problems related to international law of the sea, coastal justice and shipping legislation.

The MA in Shipping Management will help you pursue a career in many fields such as international trade and commerce, logistics, marine insurance, maritime transportation economics, port management, shipyard management, and shipping law.

Here are some interesting positions available to you in the maritime industry:

  • Port Manager: This position includes managing the operations and logistics of a port. It requires a detailed understanding of the various types of ships in a port, the type of cargo being handled in the port, and port rules and regulations.
  • Commercial Officer: This position includes the strategic management of various trade decisions, administration, cargo handling and communication with various trade organizations.
  • Yard Manager: A yard manager oversees the management and maintenance of a yard. This task requires a good dose of physical agility, patience, good communication skills and a detailed understanding of dock guidelines and shipping components.

In addition to these activities, you can continue your career as a planning and development representative for a shipping company, as a shipping operations manager, import and export manager, as a representative for the maritime environment or as a port planning representative.

If you want to embark on an academic career, you have the option of earning a PhD in management or marine science and working as a professor in maritime universities.

Earning a Masters Degree in Shipping Management can be a gateway to an exciting career in the shipping industry. If your looking for a good one

Degree program on this subject, the MBA Maritime and Shipping Management from the Berlin School of Business and Innovation may be the ideal choice for you.

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This article was written by Sweha Hazari and written by Anisa C.published.