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10 MLM companies worldwide


Multilevel Marketing (MLM), which ranges from pyramid sales to network marketing to referral marketing, is a marketing strategy where sales teams receive missions or rewards not only for selling products (mostly) but for selling other products as well. Team members recruited for them.

The hired salesperson is referred to as a bottom or baseline recruiter who has the potential to meet multiple levels of earnings.

Are Multi Level Marketing Companies Legal? MLM is a form of direct marketing, or sales, in which marketing teams attempt to sell products directly to end users using techniques that include engagement guidance and word of mouth.


While the origins of MLM are not entirely accurate, many scholars believe that the first legally registered MLM marketing structure was established by California Perfume (now known as Avon Products).

The following leading multi-level marketing companies in the world are actively using the MLM structure as their main activity:


Mary Kay Inc is # 1 in the top 10 private MLM companies. It was founded in 1963 by a woman of the same name. Mary Kay sells beauty products for women (although there are numbers for men). These products include an anti-aging moisturizer, perfect mascara, facial cleanser for men, colognes, hand cream, and body sunscreen.

In 2011, the leading billion dollar company in the United States had sales of more than $ 2.9 billion and employs approximately 5,000 people. Mary Kay's MLM structure gives you the opportunity to become a beauty consultant. The startup cost is around $ 100, and retail sales could potentially bring the consultant a 50% ROI if sold at full retail price.

In addition to the financial incentive for consultants to make money directly selling and selling their employees, there is also the opportunity to win a prestigious vehicle, in this case a Cadillac adorned with various unique panel colors that indicate length and level. Achievements within the Mary Kay MLM marketing structure.


Young Living Oils is primarily engaged in the cultivation and processing of essential oils that are essential for healthy living. With over 20 years of experience and manufacturing in this particular niche market, Young Living Oils meets the needs of today's better informed society that sees natural products as the sure route to longevity and health.

The foods touch on areas like natural cleaning, healthy cooking, pets, family health, multivitamins, weight management, and age-related nutrition. The successful MLM company was founded by Dr. Gary Young and offers the following possibilities in his MLM structure: Dealers generate 8% of the sales of their direct employees, 5% of the sales of their indirect employees and 4% of the sales of the next three people. across the board.

The Young Living Oils MLM upgrade offers merchants additional benefits ranging from a 25% bonus in the first three months of sales from recruited team members to 0.5% of Young Oil sales.


Organo Gold began producing premium coffee in 2008 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. From humble beginnings (the largest, highest paid MLM company in Canada that started as a small business with just three employees), it has grown into one of the fastest growing food network marketing companies, selling its mlm coffee around the world worth products $ 213 million.

The advantage of its main coffee products is that they are infused with ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb known for its therapeutic effects. The MLM strategy is based on the acronym KISS - Keep It Simple and Short, which focuses on mentoring, support, income sharing and teamwork.

Traders are eligible for $ 20 starter bonuses for selling a $ 199 starter pack, while retail missions can be up to 50%.


The epitome of the American way of life, AmWay was founded as a company in 1959. The leading MLM company deals with a wide range of products ranging from lifestyle to nutrition to beauty and health. In 2014, Amway had sales of more than $ 10.8 billion. The MLM structure operated by Amway enables merchants to earn missions in three main modes: retail premium, monthly bonuses and growth incentives. Performance bonuses can bring you up to 23% on missions. Traders are known as IBOs (Independent Business Owners).


The pampered chef offers cooking utensils, dishes, cookbooks and packaged groceries. Since its inception in 1980, MLM has served over 12 million clients. The MLM structure consists of 50,000 members / distributors. These distributors have a mission of 27% selling Working Pany products, a 20% discount on in-person purchases, and comprehensive support including training, motivational resources, and email support.


Nu Skin is one of the largest MLM companies whose core business is making and selling vintage or premium skin care products. Nu Skin is listed with an estimated total assets of $ 3 billion. The company's sales were $ 2.75 billion. With more than 200 branded beauty products for sale, Nu Skin continues to invest in research and development with an emphasis on meeting the beauty needs of its customers. Thanks to the MLM structure, merchants can earn up to 30% of the retail sales of their products.


Advocare was founded 22 years ago and is a leader in providing care and nutrition products for athletic women and men. These products help active athletes in areas such as weight loss, general nutrition, energy, athletic performance, and skin care.

The MLM structure at Advocare offers over 500,000 distributors who enjoy the following benefits: Up to 40% mission income from retailing Advocare products. Advocare dealers also like to sell their employees. doTERRA (USA) doTerra is similar in appearance to Young Living Oils in that it is one of the most trusted multi-tier marketing companies that makes and markets therapeutic essential oils.

DoTERRA was founded in 2008 and has announced sales of hundreds of millions of dollars. The sales base will be further strengthened. The MLM operating structure at doTERRA enables merchants to earn up to 25% on orders from retail sales as well as benefit from the sales of recruited downliners.


The Empowered Network is not a new MLM company doing online internet business, internet marketing offers for enterprise software, tools and online study materials. Her forte is educating people about the ways and means to make money on the internet. Empower Network's key offerings include blogging apps for Android and mobile devices, presentations, and learning kits. Merchants in this fast growing mlm pani structure earn up to 25% of the retail sales of these products.


World Ventures in Trade is the organization and implementation of vacation and tourism trips that border on unique adventures. World Ventures sells club memberships that benefit from reduced business costs. It's not a fashion. The MLM structure is based on the fact that merchants receive discounts on travel expenses and can also benefit from the membership fees of the hired members.

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