What should the US learn from the Europeans

Quarrel with America : "Europe must learn to stand on its own two feet"

In view of the worsening conflict between the US and China, Europe must learn to stand on its own two feet if it does not want to be an appendage of a world power. This is what the director of the Science and Politics Foundation (SWP), Volker Perthes, demands in the Tagesspiegel. US President Donald Trump is "a wake-up call for Europe," says Perthes.

"He made it clear to us that strategic autonomy is a necessity for us Europeans." That does not mean terminating the partnership with the Americans, "but rather making it more symmetrical". That would also make the question of whether 2000, 5000 or even more soldiers are being withdrawn from somewhere irrelevant.

Washington, a reliable partner?

In Perthes' view, many would today ask themselves whether the American leadership could be trusted if a change in president led to a fundamental change in policy.

Perthes sharply criticizes the USA's threats of sanctions in connection with the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline. "Can one speak of a reliable partner when American senators threaten German companies with harm in the event that this is a project approved by the Federal Republic and the EU - Nord Stream 2 - support through services? ”Asks the political scientist.

With a view to the rivalry between the US and China, Perthes warned of a possible cold war. That is not yet the case. “But under unfavorable circumstances it can become one. This is a real risk even for those who do not want to fit into this conflict, such as the European Union and Germany in particular. "

As a world power, Beijing aims to become number 1. "That can work, but it doesn't have to." Perthes continues: "When we talk about power projections, the USA is still the world's strongest power by far."

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