Who is the tallest woman alive

China: Biggest woman in the world died at the age of 40

The tallest woman in the world is dead. The 2.36 meter tall Chinese Yao Defen died three weeks ago at the age of only 40 in her hometown of Shucha in the east Chinese province of Anhui, as the local newspaper "Xin" an Wanbao reported. The “giant woman” had been in poor health for years: a tumor on the pituitary gland had triggered the pathological growth.

At the age of 15, Yao Defen was already over two meters tall. She learned to play basketball. When she passed out, the doctor found the brain tumor during the examination, which caused an overproduction of growth hormones. The farming family was very poor. To make money, Yao Defen was put on display in the circus. The father died early.

After several operations - the last one in Shanghai in 2006 - Yao Defen was initially doing quite well for a long time. “She could walk as long as she had a stick. She was able to wash clothes and cook at home, "her mother Wei Xianying reported to the" Xin "an Wanbao." But the oversized woman fell in the house in 2009 and hit her head badly. She survived, but has been bedridden ever since. "Our girl had been in bed for three years and couldn't get up. "

Brave the hardest fate

Yao Defen bravely endured her difficult fate. Even with great pain, she did not complain. “She never mentioned the word death,” reported the mother. "She said she could live to old age and asked me not to worry." On the morning of November 13, the mother had made her breakfast, but found that her daughter could no longer even speak. Breathing was also very weak, as the paper wrote. Shortly afterwards, Yao Defen died.

"She was always tough," one villager told the newspaper. “I didn't think she would die so young.” However, it was clear early on that Yao Defen, like many other morbidly tall people, only had a short life expectancy.

While their height was always given in Chinese media reports as 2.36 meters, the Guinness Book of Records names 2.33 meters. In the end, however, the giant woman was too weak to be measured.

A German shoemaker supplied them with size 57 shoes. Georg Wessels from Vreden in North Rhine-Westphalia even visited Yao Defen in her hometown in 2006 to bring the shoes to her personally.

At that time the giantess was lying in a bed that was much too small and too weak to get up. The tumor was pressing on other parts of the brain. The Westphalian specialist Wessels has been supplying the ten largest people in the world with shoes at its own expense for three decades.