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1. Nexon Member Terms of Use (the "Terms") are, Nexon Corporation ("Company"), the website, obtained from the Company (the "Site") and the membership in the manner of the Company (hereinafter " Members ") and services prescribed will be provided in Section 2 (" Service Agreement ") is in relation to the jurisdiction of the. 2. And terms of use, and continues the following points. (1) all services on this website and the website (2) community site for mobile devices offered by the company (the "Community Site") and all services provided and made available on the community website Article 2 (Amendment of the terms and conditions) 1. We are without the consent of the members, so can change the terms and conditions. In this case, membership is deemed to have agreed to changed conditions. 2. Change the terms of use, will be more effective when it appears on the website after the terms of use have been changed. Chapter 2, Article 3 of Membership (Subscription) Those who use this service, after accepting this Agreement, attempt to obtain the information through the Company (the "Registration Data") and by entering the Company through a predetermined registration procedure, the Registered Member specified and. Article 4 (Rejected Registration and Reserves) 1. We are determined that if there are reasons to next register, and is not required to approve membership. Also, if you find that any of the following after register, delete the membership, must be able to stop offering that service, or in whole or in part. (1) is registered with names and other impersonations (2) registration false information or, if there is enough difference between fact and (3) does not meet the requirements set out in Article 3 of membership (4) we If the registration of a certain disadvantage (5) is registered by a minor without the consent of the legal representative set out in paragraph 1 of Article 17 (6), registration and other inappropriate may be 2. We have difficult to approve Special to interfere with business, so you can temporarily withhold approval of membership. 3. The company assumes no responsibility for damage caused by the members and the disadvantage of the first term of office and second term of office. Article 5 (Support) 1. Side of us, offers this service to our customers and software ("Software") and whoever is using support for the attempt and to meet the requirements in Article 3 Membership The. 2. Our site, the services and support for the software and may only be provided in the Japanese language. . 3. Our site, on the services, member inquiries about the client software, and no obligation to answer. 4. For our membership website, the services if a request for this client software, and the method specified by the company. Note that such queries have a set period of time depending on what the query is (but not longer than a year from the date we have accepted it) and are only valid. Article 6 (Change of registration data) 1. If there is a change in registration information, the members of the company immediately in the manner specified by the company. 2. The society assumes no responsibility for damages and sanctions in the event that members resigned from their first term to notify. Article 7 (ID member) 1. The company, during registration as a member, will grant member ID and password to the members of the member determined. 2. Member, the member ID, on the use of the service to ensure that you must be passed on to third parties. 3. Become a member and have no responsibility for the use and administration of member ID and password for members. 4. Becoming a member is available to third parties if the member ID and password are members or otherwise. 5. With or without attributable member causes, even if you use the service of a third party via the member ID and password for membership, the use of the service is deemed to be made by the member. Members assumes no obligation. 6. With or without causes, the members and the disadvantage of the members for damage caused by unauthorized use of Member ID and Password for the members, and we are not responsible for any. Article 8 (Transfer of Member Status) 1. Members will be transferred to a third party Member status is not allowed. 2. In the case of paragraph 1, the provisions of § 6 and § 5 of Article 7 apply. Article 9 (Termination of Membership) 1. Members will report to the Society by the Society in the prescribed manner so as to be able to remove membership. 2. In the case of the first semester, we refund the money received from the members and are not allowed in any way. 3. Member, remove the member ID for the registered members can register again. Chapter 3, Article 10 of the Service (Change of Service) 1. Our membership without notice, add to the content of this service, out of date and need to be able to change and others. 2. The company assumes no responsibility for damage caused by the members and the disadvantage of the first paragraph. Article 11 (individual contract). 1. We have this service for every single contract (contract, agreement, condition, regardless of how the name and guidelines. "Individual conditions") and must be able to establish. 2. Terms of use and provides a separate part of this agreement, if the two are inconsistent, the individual conditions shall prevail. 3. Members, is when you use the services they agree to the terms and conditions pertaining to such individual. Article 12 (None available) 1. We will use this service if the member can request who has registered. 2. In the case of paragraph 1, the provisions of Chapter 2. Article 13 (content submitted) 1. Members are to provide programs such as image and video data transmission disclosure in writing to this service ("content post") and submit the points specified in the Options for the following items. (1) The content published does not violate the copyright or other third-party rights to full rights of the member alone (2) or other rights of third-party content If you sign up for the third member of party 2 with can have a concession in advance, to provide this service to our members and other rights to use in the copyright itself. Our content 投稿 about require notice, at no cost, and what things can be done in the following points specified. (1) Editing the content and modifying posts (2) publishing the content, sending it to the public, using it on the Internet or in any other way (3) examining or analyzing the content posts (4) points 3 above, third parties the right to determine to be licensed. In connection with the content submitted if claims have been received from a third party due to the infringement or our members, and members are responsible for this at their own expense and sets. 4. If you need to perform this service, we were able to discuss the content before or after the public viewing, and what can be done and the measures prescribed by Article 19. 5. Members are against us, and must not have any moral rights for the content posted. Chapter 4, Article 14 of the premium (for a fee) 1. Members pay the service ("innate service fee") and are able to use it. 2. Members, when using the service fee is innate, our prescribed fee (the "Fee Agreement") is payable. 3. This fee will be published on this website. 4. We are without the consent of the members is to be able to change this fee. 5. Change this fee, and take effect from the position on this website following the change in this fee. Article 15 (Settlement) 1. Become a member and pay this fee in the amount prescribed by the Settlement Society. 2. The members are with a different name than personal data in severance payments in the previous paragraph does not apply. However, if the members of the minor, the consent of the legal representative and the owner of the legal representative can be used. 3. We are for any reason payment is complete, and this fee will not be refunded or received. 4. The company assumes no responsibility for damage caused by members and the disadvantage that members have used a third party payment method. Article 16 (NEXON Points) 1. Members are points that can be used for innate prepaid service charges (the "NEXON Point") and are able to purchase them. 2. In the case of paragraph 1, the provisions of the above shall apply mutatis mutandis. 3. NEXON maximum number of points that you can buy a month membership with a credit card, and up to 100,000 points per individual member ID. 4. Members will be transferred to another assignment or affiliation ID to purchase NEXON points are not allowed. However, the motion has been the introduction or transfer of NEXON points among members within the service, or to postpone if the transfer takes place among members of NEXON Based on that point does not apply. 5. The company unless the company expressly recognizes and may not refund the sale price NEXON points. 6. We will also have existed for two years from the date of purchase or use of NEXON point members, if you have not purchased or use new NEXON points, NEXON is held by such members, and requires an agreement which must be the relevant member and be able to withdraw. Article 17 (Minors) 1. When the members of the minor verified and the consent of the legal representative for membership and use of this service. 2. If the member is a minor, upon payment of these fees and the consent of a legal representative. 3. Notwithstanding paragraph 2, if the member is a minor, he is allowed to book and pay by credit card. Chapter 5, Article 18 of Operation (Prohibited) Members have the following acts and shall remain. 1. If the company determines that you are in breach of this Agreement and Membership, we will assume that you will take the following actions. (1) caution or warning (2) members to post, delete or display data (3) the use of temporary or permanent disconnection of all or part of the service (4) 2 cancellation of your membership. We are in spite of the measures referred to in No. 1 or No. 2, Section 1 members of a similar action taken and a second action or measures taken, Issue 4, Paragraph 1, No. 3 Assuming you can immediately in force. 3. If you have a member ID multiple members, and what action can be taken in the preceding paragraph other than the member ID for Member ID that was used in violation of this Agreement. 4. The company assumes no responsibility for damage caused by the members and the disadvantage, not the first term and the third term. Article 20 (Responsibility) 1. Members will and will use the services at their own risk, and are not responsible for carrying out this self-service. 2. Member if the company or a third party caused the damage by the act of self-defense, and so to compensate for the damage. Article 21 (Immediate Measures) 1. We, in our case and determine that urgent measures are required for the normal provision of the service, for all members or certain members we offer all or part of the service we can assume by the specified Period. 2. Our results do not meet the obligations of members set out in the membership agreement if we believe that we are at a disadvantage for the successful implementation of the service, in whole or in part for a particular member of the service, suspension of the offer and the measures, which are prescribed or may take in any point of Article 19, paragraph 1. 3. The company assumes no responsibility for damage caused by the members and the disadvantage of the first term of office and second term of office. Article 22 (interruption of service) 1. We have to maintain and update how service, must be able to suspend this service. 2. In the case of paragraph, the company, except in an emergency, will and notify the member in advance. 3. We have natural disasters, earth shock, war, fire, industrial action, government regulations and instructions on how outages caused by third parties and other carriers offer this service through the company procurement, control If you find it difficult, you can discontinue this service . 4. The company assumes no responsibility for damage caused by the members and the disadvantage, not the first term and the third term. Article 23 (connection limits) Our website, the client software to the service and those of Japan, and what may or may be limited by a Japanese operating system. CHAPTER 6 GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 24 (Intellectual Property) 1. Site, the service, intellectual property rights relating to the software, and if we belong to. 2. We, in addition to this agreement, under the terms of the respective software license agreement applies to members and is licensed to use the software. 3. If they conflict with this agreement, the software license agreement and the software license agreement shall prevail. Article 25 (personal information) handling of members' personal information, in addition to that set out in this agreement and will be covered by this privacy notice. Article 26 (Recording and dissemination of information) 1. We, IP addresses of the members using the service, must be able to record the date, time, access logs. 2. We have the following points when registration information, published content, access to logs, and other information we hold may be shared with third parties. (1) The investigation, attempt to disclose on request in accordance with the legal and other procedures (2) If you receive a referral from the agency on the basis of legitimate reasons, such as lawyers (3) to provide our services If you are open to our partners, insofar as this is necessary to (1) protect the life of a third party body on property and other rights, or other property and or our operation of the service is limited for the protection of rights, Article 27, and if we believe that we need (notification) 1. To the members under this agreement with the society, or community pages displayed on this website, send an e-mail, will be made by the society holds also in other ways appropriate. 2. Members will and ensure that appropriate notification through the paragraph and to confirm the disadvantage of members for damage resulting from non-compliance, we accept responsibility of any kind. Article 28 (Disclaimer) The company does not guarantee any of the following Questions, takes no responsibility. (1) service to meet the requirements of membership in the software or (2) service, for any bugs in the software or (3) not to disrupt the service (4) there is no delay on the service of (5) the no violation of this law to provide services (6) members submitted, Article 29 provides for undisplayed data or loss (limits of compensation) 1. In any case, our liability, regardless of the cause of the claim and the actual damage, is in the ordinary and immediate Members, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, inferred damage will be limited to damage and consequential damage (loss of opportunities for use and loss of data, including but not limited to) information as notified in advance of the possibility of such damage occurring, even if we also assume we have no liability. 2. In any case, our liability in order not to exceed the total amount of the membership fee paid to us again 3 months from the date of the facts that caused the liability came into question. 3. The provisions of paragraph 1 and paragraph 2, if it is intentional or grossly negligent the company does not apply. Article 30 (Law and Jurisdiction) Governing Law This Agreement and Japanese Law, all disputes between Members and the Society in connection with this Agreement and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance under the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Court Summary 诉 额.Article 31 (transitional measures) Apply to the company carried out the purposes of this service, a person does not meet the requirements referred to in article 3: membership until it acquires the status of members referred to in article 3, the agreement will apply and . However, the purchase of points specified in Article 16 of the NEXON Use and Service Fees, as in Article 14 of the innate and not can. 2009 June 25, 2009 Revised Revised Revised April 1, 2009 December 11, 2008 May 29, 2008 Revised Revised Revised February 1, 2006 passed December 22, 2004 November 11, 2003 revised August 24, 2011 revised October 15 This software license agreement software - License Agreement ("Agreement") and Nexon Inc. ("Company") makes online games available (the "Games Agreement") - Client software ("Software") and is determined by the license terms. If you are the software customer, acceptance of this agreement will be considered. Section 1 (License) We, the customers, are granted a non-exclusive license to use the software under the terms of this Agreement. Article 2 (Copyright) This software is protected by copyright and belong to the company or the software developer. Article 3 (Update) We have to run the software when the customer and must be able to update the software, this agreement also applies to installing these updates. Article 4 (Prohibition) You may not be and remain none of the following acts. (1) without the consent of the company, distribute the software to third parties, rent, sell or (2) exceed the number of games required to use this action to decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, act the software (3 copy) to analyze the source code of the software (4) change the software, modify, adapt or act (5) this software bug, unauthorized purpose or failure use in Article 5 of the law (limited warranty) this software in an as- Regardless of the express or implied provision, we cannot meet the customer's software requirements, any and there are no bugs in the software, no guarantee we will. Article 6 (Jurisdiction) Governing Law This contract and Japanese law, any disputes between you and us in connection with this Agreement shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance under the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Zusammenfassung 额. Article 7 (Miscellaneous) Matters not provided in this Agreement and subject to the provisions prescribed separately to Nexon our member services if there is a conflict between this Agreement and the relevant terms, and this Agreement shall prevail.