Will the Apple Watch change the world?

How the Apple Watch changed the iPhone group

This time everything is different: no queues in front of the shops, no photographers, no film crews and no employees applauding first-time buyers. When Apple starts selling its Apple Watch on Friday, visitors to the Apple Stores will be bitterly disappointed: because there is simply not a single watch to buy there. Not even for Apple fans, who usually set up camp in front of the shops at night.

Apparently, even their own employees wouldn't believe that. And so the new sales manager of the group, Angela Ahrendts, was forced to clarify the matter with the start of sales in a video. “Will the product be available for purchase in the store on the 24th?” She asks. To make it clear right away that this is not the case.

Two weeks ago, Ahrendts wrote in a memo to the employees that the launch of the Apple Watch was "a significant change in the attitude" of Apple and the time of the queues and the possibly futile hoping to get hold of a new Apple product on the launch day, "Over for our customers".

The announcement has reportedly sparked internal discussion. Because Apple has so far celebrated its new products with great fanfare at the start of sales. All of this should be in the past? Apple manager Ahrendts rowed back in another memo last week: “Will we be releasing every product in this way from now on? No. We all love our blockbuster release days at Apple, and there are many more to come. These are the moments when you shine. And our customers love them too. "

Apple could be the market leader right from the start

It became apparent early on that Apple would handle its smartwatch differently. Since April 10th, interested parties have been able to try on and try out the watch in stores if they make an appointment beforehand. "The Apple Watch is the most personal product from Apple to date," said CEO Tim Cook. That's why every buyer in the Apple Store has the opportunity to put on a watch and bracelet.

For the iPhone group, trying it out two weeks before the start of sales is a novelty. But if you want the watch, you have to order it online at the moment. According to Apple, this will not change in the coming weeks.

The announced April 24th as the delivery date quickly disappeared from Apple's website. Anyone who placed a watch in their shopping cart was now shown the “dispatch in June”. Apparently the first deliveries are already sold out, and Apple is not keeping up with production.

The group has not yet published any figures on pre-orders. Analysts' estimates vary, but range up to three million Apple Watches that could be sold in the first week, including up to 40,000 of the golden edition version, for which Apple is charging at least 11,000 euros. Apple would be the market leader in the still young smartwatch market right from the start and would have more watches on the market than all manufacturers of Android smartwatches together. The pre-ordered copies alone could bring about an additional $ 2 billion in sales.

More like a fashion statement than a practical wearable