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Convenience Food: The Story of Comfortable Eating

This is how convenience developed in Austria

The history of ready meals in Austria is closely linked to a canning company in Vienna: Inzersdorfer. Initially founded in 1873 as a supplier of sheet metal military supplies, filling cans with food soon became their main business. The “First Austrian Military Can Factory” quickly became important for the imperial army and was allowed “k.k. privileged ”in their name. The eponymous production site in southern Vienna was closed in 2003, today the products are manufactured in Linz and St. Pölten, among others. The Inzersdorfer brand is now part of Maresi and can still be found on supermarket shelves.

The Knorr company from Heilbronn, Germany, produced "prepared soup flours" from 1870 onwards. When the popular pea sausage was added in 1889, additional production sites were quickly necessary. Wels in Upper Austria became a location - it was associated with the Knorr brand name from 1907 to 2011.

The first fix products were developed in the Maggi test kitchen in Vienna in 1973, which went a different way than the previous convenience products: The spices from the pack form the basis and fresh ingredients are used during cooking - with Gulasch Fix it is the beef - added. The new cooking aid conquered half the world from Vienna.

These traditional brand names can still be found on supermarket shelves today. Maggi has been part of Nestlé since 1947, and Knorr has been part of Unilever since 2000.