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10 creative tricks for reusing marijuana stems

Marijuana stems can be a nasty surprise and a waste of space for cannabis users. But instead of just setting them aside, know that there are many creative ways to use these stems wisely.

1. Tea or hot cocoa

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Did you know that you can easily make canna tea only with unused stems? It's a very simple and quick process. To make the tea, you can use water, coconut oil, or a mixture of both (fatty substances work best). First, you should steam the cannabis buds to expose the stems. Next, you will then establish the stems.

Then, pack the established stems in a coffee filter, a do-it-yourself tea bag 😉. Then cook these on low for at least 7 minutes. Now you can add the stems to your tea or hot chocolate.

2. Cream's

A variety of creams can be made from marijuana stalks. Marijuana creams have a great therapeutic healing effect and now you can make them yourself at home! Just use a base

Just use a marijuana base. You can then add your own vitamins and essential oils yourself. Peppermint and lavender, for example, are great for relieving pain.

3. Hemp wrap

Some users use hemp wraps to avoid butane gas. You can now make these hemp wraps simply by using hemp stems. To twist your own hemp wraps you will need the longest stems you can find or, if you're growing, leftover stems. Work this with a sharp blade until you have a variety of different threads. Then take these threads and twist them into a rope. Fold this rope and twist it again. Then you take the twisted strands and dip them in beeswax. Let them dry before you use them.

4. Vape pen

Do you sometimes run out of weed? But old stems are growing in your cannabis box? Then just give it a try - don't be afraid - put a few stems in the vape pen vaporizer. Before doing this, you can grind it up with a grinder or even with sandpaper. Good luck!

5. Hemp paper

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Stems can also be used to make hemp paper. You can use this to make your own vacation cards and enjoy knowing that your relatives have no idea what they are up against. To do this, soak the stems and waste paper in water overnight.

After soaking, put both stems and waste paper in a blender and chop them up completely. Next, pour the mass over a suitable device from a wooden picture frame and nylon tights (paper scoop).

This process should take about 24 hours, so plan carefully beforehand.

6. Doner kebab skewers

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Give your shashliks the optimal weed flavor! - by using stalks as skewers. Simply point the stems at the front with a sharp knife. Now make your meal in the pan. Once you're done, you can see yourself as a real boss because you have your own kitchen utensils.

7. Baskets

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Weaving baskets is no longer just something for old women in old people's homes. In fact, you can weave your own baskets from your old hemp stems. So that your stems don't break during braiding, soak a good amount of it in warm water overnight beforehand.

The next morning you tie a few of them together with hemp rope and take the remaining stems to weave a basket around them. If you still need help check out this http://www.jonsbushcraft.com/basicbasket.htm tutorial.

8. Butter

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Oh YES that's right - you can make great canna butter with a large number of stems. With this you can fulfill all your baking wishes. In order to achieve this, be aware that you have 4g sticks and 4g butter in each

Take the mixing ratio. First, toss the butter in a pan over medium heat and add the stalks. Let it steep over a low heat for 15 to 30 minutes and BOOM! You are ready to go.

9. Shisha head

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If you are still using Alb foil and potting holes and then using them as protection for your shishatabk - stop! Albumen foil is extremely harmful to inhale and should not be used for it. Instead, take your stems and break them into small pieces so that you can distribute them evenly over your head. Voila! Now you have a robust protection free of chemicals and full of cannabinoids.

10. Alcohol - Cannabis Mixture

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Wahaas ?! Mariuahana - is there really alcohol? Yes, of course you can. If you have an oversized jar filled with your stems, this process shouldn't be a problem for you. You should leave your stems exactly where they are and start pouring alcohol on them until your glass is full. Let this mixture sit and soak for about a week (the longer the better) and make sure it is done in a cold, dark place. You should shake your glass of vodka and stems once a day to be on the safe side and get the best results. After a week, separate the alcohol from the stems. You now have cannabis-infused alcohol that should not be missing at any party. Treat yourself to a shot or mix a cocktail, the stalks are your oyster.

Once your body has stopped spinning from all of this great information, you can start using your stems for whatever you want. Everything that comes to mind. So grab your stem - glass now or finally start collecting!

What would you do with your stems? Let us know!