Why is termite treatment so expensive

Treatment options for termites

Millions of dollars are wasted here

Retain samples of the flying pest to be identified. If they are termite swarmers and have been in the house, they have not flown into the house. Termite swarmers always fly towards the next daylight.

Dry wood termites are usually found in areas of the country with high humidity along the coastal regions. However, you should check with a local entomologist to see if they are in your area. If this is not the case, then camping is not required.

A full treatment of a pillar and beam structure is almost twice as expensive as a house on a monolithic slab. Since you are not only treating the outer perimeter, the crawl space perimeter and the pillars must also be treated.

Spot treatment will work with the newer non-repellent termiticides that are God's gifts to the pest control industry. Termidor SC is the only termiticide I've used in the past 16 years. This product works so well on termites that it eliminates the labor. You need to get a good professional to apply. Look for a company that claims to use Termidor SC without asking for it. Then ask them if they will address the areas on site.

If you can find a good termite professional with good construction skills, the source of termite activity can be located and treated. Because I was in pest control (23 years old) I poured concrete slabs for 5 years. So I saw the situations where wood would be left behind in the concrete slabs. What a valuable tool design it now turned out to be for me.

Have you seen a swarm castle or swarmers exiting a certain area? Several photos of the damaged areas would be helpful. Pillars and beams, floating slab or monolithic slab? Is the record all one level with no step-ups? Is there a water pipe within 5 feet of the damaged area? Is it an outside wall? Can you see your foundation from the outside?

These are all important questions that can cost you or save you thousands of dollars. Many termite companies will take advantage of the lack of knowledge to extract dollars from you. Good spot treatment may only cost $ 300 to $ 500.

Most structures can be spot treated if a good termiticide is used. Unfortunately, even some of the local and national companies are using the cheaper termiticides where the treatments are only about 70% effective. Use cheap tools and you will get cheap results.

In the past 15 years I only had to fully treat 2 houses just because the termites invaded them from all sides. Of the hundreds of spot treatments I've done over the past 15 years, I still need to follow up with the good termiticides. The problem is that most companies won't guarantee their work if you don't cover the whole structure. But I guarantee my spot treatments and some other companies too.