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Municipal gallery shows work by Salvador Dalí

Just last year, Peter Lenk had set a visitor record of 22,900 with his exhibition in "Faulen Pelzen". If the city's cultural office has its way, this number could be topped this year. Not only because the show with pictures, sculptures and objects by the surrealist Salvador Dalí will be on view until November 11th, a full eight months. According to the exhibition organizers, the compilation created by curator Michael Imhof appeals to a wide audience and brings the Spanish eccentric very close to the visitors. Its large portrait already sets you in the mood on the way to the exhibition and in the hall the master pays his respects as a lifelike figure of Lisa Büscher.

"This is a real highlight for the state of Baden-Württemberg," said Mayor Jan Zeitler at the press presentation on Friday morning after the Spanish surrealist had not been shown in the state for almost 30 years. Dalí is certainly one of the "most enigmatic artistic personalities of the 20th century," explained Zeitler. Not only because one wonders how he was able to charm and conquer "the Russian Diva Gala". As an example of Dalí's complex and profound work, the OB named the abstract portrait of the former US President Abraham Lincoln, in whose center the naked back of Dalí's wife can be seen on closer inspection. Zeitler: "You have to come up with something like that first." In addition to the numerous graphics, other special features include a huge tapestry with melted clocks, as can also be seen in Dalí's home museum in Figueras, or the so-called "lip sofa", for which Dalí was inspired by a portrait of Mae West.

A lot to do for the depot

"The exhibition is the work of Dr. Michael Imhof", said Michael Brunner, head of the cultural office. The city is only responsible for public relations and has taken care of the structure and infrastructure. The depot in particular had a lot to do. As a rule, there were around 80 exhibits, here there were around 400 that had to be hung up and set up. Dalí had his own red pedestal as a figure that Michael Imhof had made for his exhibition by Lisa Büscher. "You can't see them anywhere else," emphasizes Imhof.

"Why an exhibition about an artist who broke so many taboos and often confused and even shocked people?" Asked Michael Brunner rhetorically. But it is precisely this puzzling nature that makes Dalí so interesting, who formulated the "critical-paranoid method" as a program. This is expressed in depictions of people who can be opened with drawers, in his melting clocks or in the associations of the Spanish civil war.

For tourist director Jürgen Jankowiak, the exhibition and the location of the municipal gallery directly on the lake promenade are qualities that complement each other well here. The big name Dalí is quite suitable to further inspire day tourism in the city and to bring additional visitors from near and far to the city. Jankowiak called the early start and the long duration of the exhibition into November an important contribution to the extension of the off-season in the city.

The exhibition

At Michael’s exhibition In the yard the person and artist Salvador Dalí as well as the creation and development of his work come to life. What the curators of large museums don't like to do: Michael In the yard has put together a whole kaleidoscope of artist and reproduction graphics, numerous sculptures and objects that illuminate the life of the Spaniard and place his work in a larger context. The exhibition can be seen until November 11th in the municipal gallery in "Faulen Pelz". It is open from Tuesday to Friday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. There are guided tours on Saturdays at 11.30 a.m., on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday at 3.30 p.m.

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