Bernie Sanders would take the guns away

Biden argues with workers about gun rights: "You're full of shit"

The US presidential candidate got caught up in a heated argument on election day. One worker accused him of wanting to remove the right to own weapons from the constitution.

US presidential candidate Joe Biden has called a worker a "damn liar" in a heated argument over gun law. While visiting a construction site in Detroit on Tuesday, a worker accused the former vice president of wanting to abolish the constitutional right to own guns. "You're a fucking liar" (You're full of shit) replied Biden. "I support the second amendment to the constitution."

This amendment to the US Constitution enshrines the basic right to own guns. The subject is highly controversial in the United States, where tens of thousands of people are killed by gun violence every year.

In the dispute with the worker, Biden emphasized that he himself had a firearm. US citizens, however, are not allowed to have every type of weapon. The democratic ex-vice president wants to ban assault rifles and particularly large magazines.

Video distributed by competitors

The battle of words took place on the day of presidential primaries in six states. Among others, Michigan, where the automobile city Detroit is located, was elected. Biden visited a factory under construction for the Fiat Chrysler car company. Videos of the incident were quickly circulated on the Internet - including supporters of Biden's competitor Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump.

Trump repeatedly accuses the Democrats of wanting to take their weapons away from the US citizens. He wants to secure the votes of the many gun owners in the United States. In the face of a series of massacres, the US Democrats are basically campaigning for stricter gun laws. The Republicans largely oppose this.

In the Democratic presidential race, Biden has now become a favorite again. The 77-year-old Mitte politician has repeatedly caused a stir with gruff remarks. In mid-February, for example, he described a young woman as a "lying dog-faced pony cavalryman" - allegedly a joking quote from a film with western hero John Wayne.

"Super Tuesday 2"

The first polling stations opened Tuesday morning (local time) in Michigan and Missouri, and votes are held throughout the day in a total of six US states. In Idaho, Mississippi, North Dakota and Washington, too, Democrats and Republicans should vote who they consider to be their party's best candidate for the November presidential election. The area codes span several time zones. Results are not expected until Wednesday after Central European Time.

Overall, the votes this Tuesday are about nine percent of the 3,979 regular delegates who are to elect the party's presidential candidate at the Democratic nomination convention in July. In view of the comparatively large number of votes that are distributed on this day, the pre-election day is also called "Mini Super Tuesday". Last Tuesday there were votes in 14 states.