What does Sakura confess to Naruto


Sakura's feelings

Killer Bee has since tracked down the enka master, Ki. He says that you can't sing enka so easily, it requires a lot of passion. Suddenly Ponta notices that someone is approaching. It's Kisame. Bee immediately realizes that this is from Akatsuki. When Bee asks how he found it, Kisame says that his sword Samahada likes strong chakra. It would have guided him. But he wouldn't want to kill Bee because he needs him alive, Kisame continues. Suddenly, Ponta starts attacking Kisame.

The Tsuchikage wonders who should lead the shinobi alliance now, since it was actually Danzo's job. Mifune suggests the Raikage because he is the only one to be able to give orders to the Hachibi. This accepts the job.

Meanwhile in the realm of iron, Sakura tells Naruto that she would love him, on the grounds that she would no longer care about Sasuke. However, Naruto realizes that Sakura is dizzy. Sakura goes on to say that there is no longer any reason to love someone like Sasuke because he is a criminal. Naruto could now forget the promise he made to her back then. He shouldn't look for Sasuke anymore. Naruto says this all comes too suddenly. He asks if something has happened. Sakura replies, saying it's obvious why she loves him. Sasuke would have moved more and more away from her, whereas Naruto was always with her. Naruto would have defeated Pain and saved Konoha. He would have been a loser in the past, but now he's a hero. Naruto interrupts Sakura and says it's not funny. Sakura asks him why he is so angry, he knows the saying "Women are fickle like the autumn weather". He says that he hates people who lie to themselves. Sakura is upset and says she came all the way to confess her love. She wants to get Naruto back to Konoha because he is putting himself in danger because of Sasuke and Akatsuki. Naruto says this all sounds like a painful excuse. Naruto goes on to say that he now really understands Sasuke. Sasuke loved his clan and his family. Because this love was too great, it is too difficult to forgive. Kiba then asks why Sasuke went to Akatsuki even though he defeated Itachi. When Naruto starts telling the truth about Itachi, Kakashi interrupts him. Naruto says it doesn't matter if the promise from then still exists, he wants to personally save Sasuke. Sakura cannot believe this and withdraws again. On the way she says resolutely to Kiba that she now wants to look for Sasuke on her own.

Meanwhile, Ponta was defeated by Kisame. He says that his size cannot be compared to his strength. When Kisame tries to attack the enka master, Bee stops him. The sword samahada has absorbed part of Bee's chakra unnoticed. Kisame says he's happy to fight the eight-tailed Jichuriki.