Why do I have insomnia after masturbation?

Masturbation recommended for insomnia

What to do about insomnia A German health insurance company recommends that you simply put your hand close to you. And rhythmically.
Does this also apply to tropical nights? With a heartfelt recommendation for well-groomed masturbation, the German health insurance company "Barmer" has made waves on the internet. "For pulsating nights", says the company on Facebook, which with around nine million insured is one of the largest health insurance companies in Germany. One photo shows a (green) sex toy that women are supposed to use for masturbation.

With toys too, of course

"If you can't sleep again, just lend a hand yourself or get a toy with it, then sleep will come all by itself," says the text. Masturbating makes you tired. In a short time, more than 3,000 comments under the post.

Now Barmer spokesman Daniel Freudenreich has confirmed to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that it is not a fake: “There are still topics that are often kept secret, although they affect the vast majority of people. With our entry on Facebook we wanted to draw attention to one of these topics with a wink. "

There is no payment

The social media team of the health insurance company emphasized, however, that it was not possible to assume the cost of the sex toy shown: “We cannot help with the acquisition and implementation. Only the health tip comes from us. "


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