Which hairstyle works best on a round face

Hairstyles round face: 6 advantageous cuts

Are you looking for the perfect haircut but don't know which one suits you best? If you want to make your face shape look narrower, then here we have the best hairstyles for a round face

Now it's all going! Would you have thought that with a few skillful tips and tricks you can make your face look much narrower?

Stylings and hairstyles for a round face

It's very easy - all you need is the right haircut. Certain hairstyles for round faces make the contours look completely different. GALA reveals which cuts fit this face shape and what the hairdresser should better leave the scissors off.

1. The right hair length is crucial

To conceal a round face, you often don't need more than the right length of hair. Medium-length hair is ideal with a round face shape. It visually stretches the face. Strands that fall sideways into the face distract from the rounded contours of the face. A nice side effect: the hair is given a loose curl.

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2. Hairstyles are best half-length and gently layered

With hairstyles for a round face, it is important to create little volume on the sides, otherwise it will look even rounder. A step cut, with medium hair length, in which the hair lengths merge, does this pretty well. But that does not mean that you have to do without large volume hair completely. Volume only on the top of the head also makes your face appear slimmer. That's why you can do whatever you can here. Incidentally, this also applies to women who like to wear a ponytail. With a side parting and a little teased, the ponytail also looks good on round faces.

3. These bob variations look good on round faces

Curly bob

The curly bob is currently the trend hairstyle and a great look for women with round faces. To do this, the hairdresser cuts the hair around the chin line and easily grades it at the tips. Of course, the cut is also suitable for women without natural waves. For the curly effect, you can shape the hair with a curling iron and some hair mousse. Or you can do a braid before going to bed, which forms the hair into light waves overnight. Model Miranda Kerr wears the curly bob with a side parting, the asymmetry of the lengths also flatters her round face.

Blunt cut

A similar hairstyle is the blunt cut - it also goes great with a round face. In contrast to the curly bob, the hair is all cut off at the same length using a clear cut. Light waves or a side parting can also spice up the haircut.

Long bob

Another version for women with a round face is the long bob. Ending at shoulder height, it visually stretches the facial contours and is therefore the perfect hairstyle for a round face. Singer Adele shows how it is done: the long bob has the volume in the tips and optimally conceals round faces.

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4. Do I have a pony?

Tricks for pony wearers: A no-go is a straight pony. It makes the face look even smaller and rounder. And that's exactly what we don't want. If you wear the bangs to the side, the asymmetrical pony hairstyle hides the round contours and makes them appear narrower.

Now she looks even more like her mom. Charlotte Casiraghi surprised with a new hairstyle

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Angled pony

The bangs should be longer to one side. The corners of the eyes are a guide to the ends of the pony. Those who like it a little cheekier can dare to try the trendy forehead fringes.

5. Short Hairstyle for an Oval Face: The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is the ideal short hairstyle for a round face and super trendy on top of that. The short, tiered cut extends the shape of the face a little upwards and makes the sides appear narrower. Stars like Michelle Williams and Kaley Cuoco employ yet another styling trick. They wear a dark hairline and slightly lighter tips with their pixie. This color combination, based on the ombré look, also distracts from the oval face contour.

6. Styling: braiding or pinning?

Both are allowed. Of course, updos or braided hairstyles are also suitable to distract from a round face shape. It is always important that the hairstyle does not frame the face and unintentionally accentuates curves. Therefore, opt for hairstyles that visually elongate your contours. With a high-tied bun or messy bun or a braid on the side, this is exactly the effect. Are you into curls that rock anyway? Then the great one is an absolute styling tip.

Make up round face narrower

Speaking of styling: the face can also be visually lengthened with the right make-up. Since the contouring trend at the latest, it has been clear: Anyone who understands the small 1x1 of the bag of tricks has a clear advantage.