What is a good phone alarm app

Fire brigade alarm apps: advantages and disadvantages

In my opinion, these alerting apps for individual weirs are generally prohibited.
It is the task of the districts to set up a comprehensive alarm system, which is then under the control of the relevant authorities. If the field strength is not sufficient somewhere, appropriate base stations must be set up, or in buildings then wireless building systems.
Cross-district alarms can be resolved through the intelligent assignment of RICs with corresponding “cross-border broadcasts”.

Too many legal problems arise:
- Data protection: not legally feasible if operational data is displayed on private end devices and possibly still saved. In addition, there is the possibly unencrypted or poorly encrypted transmission (a WLAN with WEP is enough to get problems here) -> Remedy: Devices must be provided by the community. That brings us back to DMEs / FMEs
- Damage to the mobile device: who pays if the mobile phone falls off the table due to a vibrating alarm? Who pays if the cell phone is damaged in the tool shed? -> In my opinion only difficult to implement, due to a lack of “evidence” in the event of damage. The apps are not tamper-proof and therefore it will be impossible in individual cases to prove the damage by an alarm OR the insurance company cannot prove that the damage was not caused by an alarm.
- Driver's license: who is liable if I switch off an alarm while driving and am checked or observed? With DMEs this can be clearly seen and is usually tolerated.

Then there are the usual problems with the operation of IT:
- Redundancy: not only servers but also power and network access must be redundant. Which church can do that? Operation in a communal data center would only be possible here, which would put us back under the control of one authority with a comprehensive system for everyone
- Personnel: someone has to take care of the software
- Money: These apps also cost money, the BOS network costs nothing except for the purchase of the devices.

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