What is a professional Describe the person

How to write the ideal profile description

In the first step, your potential customer received five offers from various service providers. Including yours. In the second step, he will look at your profile to see whether you fit him and the planned project. We will show you how you can stand out with your profile text and build trust with potential customers. You will also find a successful description of a painter.

1. As long as necessary, as short as possible

In the short description, you have the opportunity to provide the customer with all the important information about yourself and your way of working. Here you can orientate yourself on the five W-questions:

who are you and what experience or training has brought you to where you are now?
What does your service include?
When are you available with your service?
Where are you active?
How do you want to help the customer solve a problem?

2. The focus is on customer benefit

“The customer is king” - this principle should also emerge from your profile text. Emphasize the benefits the customer will get from booking you. Underpin your credibility with qualifications you have acquired and build trust by highlighting your years of experience or briefly describing your professional history.

3. Call for contact

At the end there should be a sentence that calls on the customer to get in touch with you and arrange a consultation or a trial lesson or trial training session. If this is free of charge, emphasize this, as this lowers the inhibition threshold for contacting us.

4. Variety instead of repetitions and empty phrases

Avoid empty phrases and texts copied from your website. The customer doesn't want to read the same text twice. In addition, duplicate content on the Internet leads to a poorer search engine ranking on Google.

Often times, customers will look at your images first before reading through the text. Therefore, make sure that your pictures also reflect your personality.

Below you will find a text example that you can use as a guide when creating your profile description.

“For me as a painter, one goal is at the center of my work: You should feel as comfortable as possible in your home. That is why I value the fact that customers get more from me than just a service provider who can paint their wallpaper for them. Advice is very important to me.

After my apprenticeship as a painter in 1999, I initially worked for the company Muster GmbH for ten years. Four years later, I passed my master's examination and then fulfilled a dream by starting my own business. All in all, I can look back on more than 20 years of professional experience. This experience helps me to give you competent advice at all times and to draw your attention to possible problems before they even arise.

The best feedback for me is a satisfied customer who lives happily in his own four walls because the apartment shines in new splendor. "

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