Where does the wind start?

virtual wangerooge

Windst.Wind speedEffects (in brackets at sea)descriptionSwell (strength)Wave h. ocean00 to 0.5 m / sec
(0 to 1.8 km / h)0–1 knSmoke rises vertically.
(Sea as smooth as a mirror.)quietCompletely smooth sea
(0)0 m10.6 to 1.7 m / sec
(1.9 to 6.1 km / h)1–3 knSmoke faintly moved.
(Small, scaly-looking ripples without foam combs.)soft pullVery calm seas
(1)0 to 1 m21.8 to 3.3 m / sec
(6.2 to 11.9 km / h)4–6 knNoticeable to the feeling.
(Small waves, short but more pronounced. The combs look glassy and do not break.)Light breezeCalm sea
(2)1 to 2 m33.4 to 5.2 m / sec
(12.0 to 18.7 km / h)7-10 knLeaves moved slightly.
(Combs begin to break. Foam predominantly glassy, ​​a few small white foam heads.)gentle breezeSlightly moving sea
(3)2 to 3 m45.3 to 7.4 m / sec
(18.8 to 26.7 km / h)11-15 knPick up dust and loose paper.
(Waves are still small, but getting longer, white foam heads are quite common.)strong breezeModerately agitated sea
(4)3 to 4 m57.5 to 9.8 m / sec
(26.8 to 35.3 km / h)16–21 knSmaller trees sway.
(Moderate waves with a pronounced long shape. White foam heads everywhere (isolated spray).)Fresh breezePretty rough sea
(5)4 to 5 m69.9 to 12.4 m / sec
(35.4 to 44.6 km / h)22-27 knHowls at houses.
(Large waves begin to form. Combs break and leave behind larger white foam areas; some spray.)strong windRough sea
(6)6 to 7 m712.5 to 15.2 m / sec
(44.7 to 54.7 km / h)28–33 knThrows foam heads on waves.
(The lake piles up; the white foam that forms when it breaks begins to lay in strips in the direction of the wind.)stiff windHigh seas
(7)8 to 9 m815.3 to 18.2 m / sec
(54.8 to 65.5 km / h)34–40 knPrevents walking.
(Moderately high wave crests with crests of considerable length. Spray begins to drift off the crests.)stormy wind918.3 to 21.5 m / sec
(65.6 to 77.4 km / h)41–47 knCovers bricks.
(High wave crests; thick foam strips in the direction of the wind. Rolls.)StormVery high seas
(8)10 to 12 m1021.6 to 25.1 m / sec
(77.5 to 90.4 km / h)48–55 knKnocks down trees.
(Very high wave crests with long crests. The lake is white due to foam. The sea rolls heavy and jerky. Visibility is impaired by spray.)heavy storm1125.2 to 29.0 m / sec
(90.5 to 104.4 km / h)56–63 knHeavy destruction.
(Exceptionally high wave crests. The edges of the wave crests are blown into spray everywhere. Visibility is reduced.)hurricane stormHeavy or massive seas (maximum number)
(9)over 12 m1229.1 m / sec or more
(104.5 km / h or more)over 64 knSevere devastation.
(The air is filled with foam and spray. The lake is completely white. The view is very much reduced; all distant vision ceases.)hurricane