Will the government ever be abolished?

Lateral thinkers complain about the “right of occupation”: Now the Basic Law is to be abolished

Corona skeptics and right-wing extremists are now preparing for new provocations. Will the next deployment take place on Unity Day?

This is an article from EURACTIV's media partner The daily mirror.

The activists largely agree that their protest weekend was a great success. It is still being discussed whether the attempted assault on the Reichstag was tactically wise.

Some say the images are counterproductive because they discourage commoners from joining the movement. Others say: The sign was important. The next time the Reichstag will most certainly be conquered.

On Telegram, Youtube and other social networks, the participants in the various demonstrations not only evaluate the weekend, but also plan the next steps. Two constants can be recognized here. Firstly, spokesmen spread false rumors several times on Saturday in order to further fuel the aggressive mood among the participants.

And secondly, new stories of lies are being spun from the events of the weekend - about a dictatorial federal government and the uprising of concerned citizens.

The group “lateral thinking”, which had registered both a large demonstration and the meeting at the Victory Column, distanced itself from the Reichstag strikers. These have "nothing to do with their movement". In return, her press spokesman announced something big that would change the Federal Republic more radically than storming a building: In the next two weeks, they want to work out their own constitution.

The aim is to replace the German constitution. This should no longer apply in the future, it is only "occupation law". The new constitution should be discussed on 80 stages in the Tiergarten, and the best proposals would then be worked out on the main stage.

How fake news roused the crowd

The project could fail because the tent camp applied for in the zoo was banned by the Federal Constitutional Court. The police arrived on Sunday evening and several tents were dismantled. “Think outside the box” said on Monday that they would now register a number of new tented camps and gain legal experience on how to implement them.

It is now clear what triggered the storm on the Reichstag on Saturday. Shortly before right-wing extremists, Reich citizens and corona deniers set in motion, an activist who was well-known to the scene stood on the stage in front of the building - and incited the crowd. The woman is a non-medical practitioner from the Eifel who, among other things, has specialized in treatment with Bach flowers as well as in “metal” and “cancer therapy”.

The crowd was also spurred on by a lie that this alternative practitioner shouted from the stage through the microphone. According to her, US President Donald Trump landed in Berlin. Therefore, the demonstrators would have to set an example and show Trump in such a way that "we have puffed our mouths off". Donald Trump is seen by many conspiracy believers as the savior and great liberator who will end the world conspiracy of secret elites.

On Monday, the alternative practitioner stated that her claim of the arrival of Donald Trump had "unfortunately now turned out to be somewhat incorrect" in retrospect.

The lie about the defected police officers

Other actors also exacerbated the already aggressive mood on the streets by spreading false reports on Saturday. It was rumored that police officers had sided with the demonstrators and supported violent attempts at insurrection. In case of doubt, one should simply shout the code word "711" to the officers.

The extreme right “Compact” magazine announced on Saturday via its Telegram channel that the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe had declared the dissolution of the “lateral thinking” demonstration illegal in an urgent procedure - and claimed: “The event can go on”. The message was fictitious. Even so, it was divided a hundred times.

The rumor spread online that a demonstrator had been killed or at least raped by the police turned out to be false. The Berlin police evaluate such allegations as an attempt to spread fake news in a targeted manner and thus discredit emergency services. In fact, indignant supporters of the "lateral thinking" movement phoned the police press office on Monday and accused officials of killing demonstrators.

Prominent right-wing extremists were celebrated

When evaluating the numerous live streams and photos that document the events over the weekend, it also becomes clear how large the number of right-wing extremists, right-wing populists and Reich citizens were. It is noticeable that prominent representatives of the scene were celebrated by the demonstrators - there are no cases in which fellow demonstrators openly contradicted the right.

Martin Sellner, activist of the right-wing extremist Identitarian Movement, was delighted at the weekend about the "many positive feedback" from participants and the numerous requests to take a photo together.

Jürgen Elsässer, editor-in-chief of the “Compact” magazine observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, had already expressed his satisfaction in advance that there was no “demarcation to the right” in the “lateral thinking” movement. His co-worker emphasized that there was “a people on the street that no longer wants to have anything to do with this system”. The Telegram group of the "Corona rebels" warned on Monday of the creation of a mixed people in Germany that the goal was the extermination of the Germans.

The scene's next major demonstration could be in four and a half weeks. Supporters of the “Corona rebels” and the right-wing extremist organization “Patriotic Opposition Europe” want to take to the streets on October 3rd, the day of German unity. Some supporters are pushing for more massive actions, time is slowly running out. Others seem to have practical issues at first. For example: Which kind doctor can you have mask certificates issued retrospectively if you received a complaint at the demo in Berlin?

The neo-Nazi micro-party “The Third Way” is also planning a march through Berlin for October 3rd, experts are expecting up to 600 participants. The citizens of the “Stateless” group also want to demonstrate on October 3rd - again in front of the Reichstag building. Its spokesman is the former NPD cadre Rüdiger Hoffmann, who was imprisoned for several years for attempted murder.

It is unclear on which day the “lateral thinking” group plans its next march. According to your spokesman, many actors now have to catch up on sleep. Then one will advise.