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If I turned my head, my nose would bump into the wall, making me lose my balance.
If I had turned my head it would be mine nose On Wall encountered, and would have lost my balance.
First you'll have to kind of tilt your head to one side so you won't bump noses.
Red spots, especially on the cheeks, forehead, chin and tip of the nose; bumps or pimples; dilated, visible blood vessels.
Red spots, mainly on the cheeks, forehead, chin and the Tip of the nose; Pimples, Pustules and skin bumps; Visibly protruding blood vessels.
The same thing could in fact happen while taking photos; as the photographer's nose could easily bump against the multi selector.
Something like this can also happen when you are taking pictures, but you can quickly use the nose against the selection switch come.
I related the red bump on his nose with a possible bump off the steering wheel.
I arranged the red one Dippel on his nose, a possible impact on the steering wheel too.
She bumps here nose when she stumbles On the cobbles
Your Little feet tangle you are bumping into the nose and stumbles
Goes well with the bump in your nose.
A. bump on the nose is undesirable.
I'll put another bump in that nose of yours.
He actually shaved down the bump on my nose a few months ago.
He did that a few months ago Humps on my nose away.
The specially constructed and novel nose geometry automatically guarantees that the edged will regain their grip immediately after riding over bumps.
This specially designed and novel Blade geometry automatically ensures that with Bumps contact with the snow is immediately restored on the slopes.
You see Elvis crystal clear and so near that he almost bumps with his nose into the camera.
You can see Elvis crystal clear and so close that he is almost with the nose against the camera bumps.
The surgeon removes the irregularity (bump) from the bone on the bridge of the nose and can also bring thebones in the nose closer together to make the bridge of the nose smaller.
The surgeon removes the bumps (den Humps) on the bone of the Bridge of the nose and may bring the bones together to narrow the bridge of your nose.
The long nose surgeonfish is up to 60 cm long and has in advanced age a highly elongated forehead bump, which looks like a long nose.
Long-nosed surgeon fish can grow to a length of 60 cm and become very elongated as they get older Frontal cuspwhich like a long one nose looks like.
Above the monitor we find the lens. It is positioned a little close to the camera; as a result of your nose or cheek can easily bump into the monitor.
The viewfinder is located above the monitor, unfortunately so close that you can quickly open your cheek or nose against the monitor bump can.
I turned around to see him and saw a young man about nineteen or twenty, slightly tall and thin, red-eyed and with a reddish bump on his nose.
I turned to see him and saw a young man of 19 or 20 years of age, medium height and thin, red eyes and with a reddish one Dippel on the nose.
The nose bulbs. These are the small bumps on each corner of the board that you will hold with your hands.
This leads to a visible bump at the junction from the bony to the cartilaginous, movable part of the nose.
This leads to the transition from the bony to the cartilaginous, moving part of the nose to a visible one Humps.
Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping can remove that hump or bump on your nose, or narrow nostrils that are too wide.
Nose surgery by rhinoplasty, or Nose shaping can be a hump or Bulge on your nose removed or narrowed nostrils that are too wide.
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