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Best Practice Recruiting Using Artificial Intelligence: That Is What It Matters

60 percent of Germans are critical of the use of artificial intelligence in personnel selection. This was the result of a representative Civey survey by McKinsey & Company in cooperation with the Chefsache initiative in summer 2019. At least one third of the people surveyed see artificial intelligence as a benefit for personnel selection and promotion. Reason: Human decisions are often subject to unconscious prejudices and often a certain arbitrariness. When well-programmed algorithms and AI are in use, the likelihood of making more objective decisions increases.

The use of artificial intelligence in personnel selection can make sense - if it is used correctly. The "Chefsache Initiative" made this the subject of a best practice workshop, where the member companies regularly exchange ideas. The goal: to learn from one another and to promote equal opportunities for women and men.

Five things that companies should be aware of were identified from practice.

  • Artificial intelligence can be used very effectively in human resources. The use of the system quickly proves its worth, particularly in the case of regularly occurring activities such as time recording or payroll accounting.
  • Well-programmed algorithms must be subject to strict quality controls: the data set must be large enough to avoid injustices.
  • Even when programming and training artificial intelligence, the use of various programming teams is just as essential as four-eye coding, as incorrect decisions by artificial intelligence can be prevented or corrected at an early stage.
  • For standard inquiries from applicants, chatbots can be a useful addition and relieve the responsible persons in HR, as they can support a round-the-clock service.
  • When searching for talent, a selection of suitable candidates can be supported by artificial intelligence. Example: The AI ​​searches for suitable candidates for a vacant job position on the company's intranet, external online job exchanges or social media platforms and contacts them if there is a match. This saves costs and at the same time addresses people who might not have applied beforehand.

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