Are there delivery services for products in Munich?

Isarland ├ľkokiste is one of the pioneers of delivery crate providers. The products bear at least the EU organic seal, if possible they also have stricter seals such as Naturland or Demeter. Reusable boxes lined with waste paper are delivered to the front door by electrosprinter. They are usually filled with fruits and vegetables. Half of the customers opt for an eco-box put together by Isarland and are surprised by the content, the other half put their boxes together individually in the online shop.

Contact:, [email protected], telephone number 089/9 45 28 70.

Delivery area: All of Munich.

Offer: From box subscriptions to individual orders in the shop. There you will also find muesli, coffee, cheese, bread and seasonal items such as donuts from nearby bakeries, and you can also filter for vegan or gluten-free products. At Isarland, unwanted products can also be excluded from the box: If you don't like parsnips, you won't get any.

Prices: The family east and vegetable crate in size M for two to three people costs 25 euros. An Italian lettuce 2.49 euros, one kilo of onions 2.39 euros, ten eggs 5.19 euros, one kilo of apples 3.99 euros and one kilo of oranges 3.59 euros. With the first order, a one-time deposit of 15 euros is due for all boxes and glasses.

Flexibility: Boxes can be paused or put together individually, they are available as a subscription but also as a one-off order. There is currently a short-term admission freeze. If the registration is then successful, the order deadline is always 3 p.m. two days before delivery, for Monday deliveries by the Friday of the previous week.

Delivery period: The delivery day can be selected on the website. If you are not at home, you can even leave your house key with Isarland.