Which artist has sung the song fans

Viral hit from South Africa The hype surrounding the song "Jerusalema"

"Ice!" Is the name of the song "Jerusalema" by Master KG - as South Africans say when they are surprised or shocked. And the word also describes the emotional state of Master KG very well, because nobody had expected such a global success. The musician says he had a good feeling when he created the beat, but this response is beyond imagination: "It was totally unexpected. I never thought that the song would be heard all over the world!"

At the age of 24, Master KG, whose real name is Kgaogelo Moagi, is well used to success. At 17, he bought his first computer to produce music. His debut single "Skeleton Move" became a hit across Africa, and in 2018 he was named best electronic musician at the All African Music Awards.

"My house music is shaped by the culture of my homeland, the rural province of Limpopo, the Bolobedu ethnic group. That's why I call the style" Bolobedu House ". The reference to our culture is either through the singing, the beats, snares, shakers or other instruments. Elements that can also be found in our traditional music and express my pride in them. "

"And: Boom - 'Jerusalema' was born"

Anyone who is familiar with this sound will recognize it in "Jerusalema". Even if Master KG does not feature a singer from a home region: Nomcebo Zikode, the woman with the deep gospel voice, comes from Kwazulu-Natal, where she has mainly worked as a background singer and with other DJs.

"The song 'Emazulwini', which I recorded with DJ Ganyani, was quite successful here in South Africa. Immediately afterwards Master KG called me. It has a wonderful beat that my voice would fit well on. So we met in the studio hit and: Boom - 'Jerusalema' was born. "

The singer Nomcebo Zikode (Open Mic Productions)

She wrote the text in her native language isiZulu, it expresses her own longing, her request to God:

"I sing: 'Don't leave me here, this is not my home. Take me to Jerusalem, where I can find peace and happiness'. It is also about my hope to finally get started as a musician despite limited opportunities. With 'Jerusalema' is meant a spiritual place where you can find peace, there are no worries, but only happiness and happy people. "

The 26-year-old's wish seems to have come true - the artistic breakthrough succeeded. Now she is working on her debut album, a mixture of gospel and house. In general, however, it is difficult for South African musicians to establish themselves on international stages, says Master KG.

"We make good music here in South Africa, but we are not as strongly represented worldwide as Nigeria, for example, with musicians like Burna Boy, Davido or Whizkid. But maybe that will change with 'Jerusalema'. The song could arouse interest in music from South Africa and make the world fall in love with our sound. "

Cultural ambassadors in lockdown

South Africa's Minister of Culture, Nathi Mthethwa, also hopes, who came out as a fan at a virtual press conference with the musicians. He wants to support her and even sees her as a cultural ambassador for South Africa. But the two are still stuck in their homeland, the national borders are closed, travel to performances abroad is impossible. That is of course frustrating, says the singer.

"It hurts that we wrote such a hit, but there are no gigs. Instead of touring the world and making some money with it, we are now sitting at home with this great song."

For this they would be compensated in other ways, adds Master KG. "Of course, the lockdown means stress, people lose their jobs and so on. But at this time of all times it is wonderful to see them dance to our song and forget their worries for a moment. It makes me happy and even more creative."

His "Jerusalema" album is already on the market, and Master KG is now working on remix versions. Then, hopefully soon, to go on tour and get to know all the places that he only knows from the viral "Jerusalema" dance videos.