What are we studying in industrial engineering

Industrial engineering studies

Concentrated technical and economic competence in one person - the industrial engineer. Now a constant in many companies. Because he has the ability to assess new and existing projects, processes and emerging trends and innovations not only with regard to technical aspects, but also to check them for profitability. Industrial engineers operate at the interface between technology and business and are therefore successful in a wide variety of industries in many companies.

The industrial engineering course is interdisciplinary. You mainly deal with interdisciplinary issues from the fields of engineering, management and information systems. The practical relevance is the top priority. A longer practical phase is therefore provided for in almost all industrial engineering studies.

In addition to the subject-specific content, another focus is on imparting soft skills and social skills, such as the ability to work in a team, scientific work or presentation and communication techniques.

After your industrial engineering studies, you will be able to work in many different positions across industries. Whether in a small engineering office, a huge industrial group or a service company, you decide!

University tip


Industrial engineering as a master's degree or industrial engineering - digital engineering and management as a bachelor's degree - you have the choice at Hochschule Fresenius onlineplus. You can find all the details in the information material.