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Amazon Alexa can also be used abroad Use Alexa on vacation - it works

Using Alexa on vacation: Are there any usage restrictions?

Amazon Echo and Alexa can also be used normally abroad. As soon as Alexa connects to the internet, it automatically checks the location. Therefore, some functions cannot be used abroad due to licensing restrictions. This mainly affects third-party services such as Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify. It is possible that individual artists cannot be called up due to licensing differences. This depends on the holiday country in question.

Alexa: Change location settings

In order for the voice assistant Alexa to immediately display the correct weather data from the holiday destination, the device location and the actual location must match. The Alexa device location can be adjusted in just 4 steps in the settings of the Alexa app:

  1. Click on "Settings" in the menu
  2. Select device "Amazon Echo"
  3. Select "Device location" and click "Edit"
  4. Select the full address in the holiday country, click "save"

For some users, several Echo devices are connected to the Amazon account. Then the locations of the respective loudspeakers should be adjusted separately.

Alexa: Change time zone and date

Users, Amazon Echo and Alexa may be in a different time zone in the holiday country. Changing the time zone is important, as otherwise voice commands such as alarm clock and time announcement will not work and will show the wrong time. It is not possible to adjust the date and time manually. The change is only made by selecting a different time zone. Alexa then automatically adjusts the date and time.

Amazon Echo 2, silver optics
The new Amazon Echo - cheaper and more powerful than its predecessor.

How to change the time zone for Alexa:

  1. Open the Alexa app, select "Settings"
  2. "Select device options
  3. Select "Date & Time"
  4. The manual selection of the time zone is possible by clicking on "Off" next to "Automatic time zone"
  5. Selecting a time zone from the list displayed, Alexa updates the date and time to the time zone

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