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Toner: Properties, Forms of Sale & Health

HP Toner C9061A - compact toner cartridge with integrated image drum

Composition and properties of toner

Toner is a very fine powder made up of approx. 5 to 30 µm particles (1 µm corresponds to 1/1000 mm) and, in addition to various auxiliaries, mainly consists of synthetic resin, metal oxides and pigments. In larger quantities, these fine toner particles are more reminiscent of a liquid than a solid. As a result, toner also has good flow properties, which greatly simplifies the laser printing process. When applied thinly to paper using the laser printing principle, toner can be fixed in the laser printer at around 200 degrees Celsius (in the fixing / heating unit of the laser printer). Once put on paper, the toner is UV-resistant and odorless.


Commercial forms of sale of toner

Commercially available toner cartridge without an integrated image drum


Toner is mostly made in prepackaged Toner cartridges delivered, which can simply be completely exchanged as required. As shown in the picture above, it is available as a toner cartridge with an integrated image drum or exposure unit.

Others, on the other hand, only contain the toner in the toner cartridges that match the device, the design of which is somewhat more compact and smaller (picture on the left). The image drums for these laser printer models are separate printer accessories and can also be changed separately when used up.




Toner bottles

NRG Toner Bottle

For some more specialized laser printers and copiers, the toner is available in separate, easily exchangeable containers (so-called toner bottles). The big advantage compared to the compactly built toner cartridges including the image drum is the much lower price, which significantly reduces the follow-up costs.

(!) But here you should be careful when changing the toner, as some toner will usually go wrong. It is advisable to wear gloves and a dust mask and to vacuum off any toner particles that may have spilled.



Health Risks of Toner

Disadvantage of the very small Toner particles is of course the health hazard from inhaling diffusing particles. This can happen, for example, if you try to forcibly open the closed built-up toner cartridges yourself in order to refill them. For a long time, laser printer manufacturers have equipped the devices with fine dust particle filters. Defects in the device can therefore contribute to airborne toner contamination. However, with proper use of toner cartridges and regular maintenance of the devices (e.g. changing the waste toner container regularly), this risk is rather low. With older laser printers, the fine dust particle filters recommended by the manufacturer (available as an option) help to retrofit them.


Third party refill toners and toner products

You can save on toner. Third-party manufacturers offer inexpensive alternatives to expensive original products (compatible) or so-called. Refill toner. But be careful: Sometimes the quality leaves a lot to be desired and the advertised “XXL” toner refills don't always keep their promises. This is mostly due to the poorer quality of the toner and the use of cheaply produced cartridge components. Quality has its price.

However, it is compatible toner not as bad as it was when it first started. Third-party manufacturers have improved their know-how and are now bringing good, cost-effective ones toner on the market. But there are price differences that can be used to draw conclusions about the quality of the toner. As a rule of thumb you can say: Less than 1/2 the price for original toner - hands off. If you want quality and expect the specified print capacity, you save on cheap toner from the bottom shelf at the wrong end.


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