Gold will be mined in 2019

Photo galleryThese are the 10 largest gold producers in the world

Stock market crash and Bitcoin uncertainty: Many investors are praising the good old gold. Thousands of years ago, when people decided to give precious metals a special value, the gold rush has never quite subsided. This gives countries with rich gold deposits a special locational advantage. What they extract from the earth strengthens the standing of these little Dorados in the global community.

Freshly extracted gold

Our ranking of the ten largest gold producers in the world is based on the 2018 annual mineral trading report of the U.S. Geological Survey. The agency belongs to the United States Department of the Interior. The numbers only refer to the freshly extracted gold volumes.

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# 10 Brazil

Brazil mined around 85 tons of gold in 2017. That was only around a fifth of the record of the winner, but it was enough for tenth place in our ranking. The gold market is dominated by a few heavyweights. The Serra Pelada mining site, where the precious metal was mined under miserable conditions, gained notoriety.

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# 9 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is the ninth largest producer of the precious metal worldwide with 100 tons of gold mined. Overall, the former Soviet republic is rich in natural resources. It is also one of the largest uranium exporters. The Muruntau mine is the largest open-cast gold mine in the world.

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# 8 Mexico

Even the Maya and Aztecs loved gold. Their riches sparked the greed of the Spaniards, who subjugated Mexico in the 16th century. The country is still rich in gold to this day. In 2017, 110 tons of the precious metal were mined. The picture shows the Los Filos mine.

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# 7 South Africa

South Africa is in seventh place in the ranking of the world's largest gold producers. According to the US government, 145 tons of gold were mined there last year. That was exactly the output of the previous year. The photo shows workers in the Mponeng mine.

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# 6 Peru

Peru was also targeted by the Spanish oppressors because of its rich gold deposits. To this day, the extraction of natural resources threatens the culture of the indigenous people of the Andean country. The annual output in 2017 was 155 tons. There is a gold mine at high altitude near the town of Rinconada. The people here work under the most difficult conditions.

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# 5 Canada

Canada is best known for its petroleum. The second largest country in the world in terms of area is also rich in gold. 180 tons were mined in 2017. That was almost ten percent more than in the previous year. The largest mining area is in the province of Quebec. The photo shows workers in the Malartic mine.

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# 4 USA

Shortly before the top 3, the statistics of the U.S. Geological Survey a jump up. The United States occupies fourth place in the ranking with 245 tons. That's over a third more than runners-up Canada. The USA also increased their annual production volume by around ten percent in 2017. The largest deposits are in the state of Nevada.