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Renault Captur Little Bouncer

Renault has developed a new model based on the Clio. They call the Captur crossover. There are probably some features that the Weidmann likes, but the little Frenchman is by no means an alternative for the area.

Renault calls its newest baby crossover. But disillusionment quickly sets in: The new Captur (spoken: Cape door) has neither all-wheel drive nor any drive properties that make the little French suitable for the area.

The load space has a capacity of around 380 liters. 70 liters more, the back seat is moved (Photos: Hans Jörg Nagel)
And yet it is not that bad off the beaten track. The Renault has a ground clearance of 17 cm. That is not exactly “driving on stilts”, but the highly praised Opel Mocca only measures 18 cm, with a rubber lip it is only 16. The Volvo V40 Cross-Country also only has 17.5 cm “belly clearance”. Theoretical values ​​- what matters is practice. And in fact the Captur surprises in the area.
If the washed-out area routes are driven a little offset, the crossover gets through without any problems. In other test cars, there was a worrying rustling on the floor pan. And the lack of traction control is not missed even with mud and softened ground. The relatively large wheels grip and push the little one onto a safe surface. Respect.

Huge drawer

What the hunter likes are the removable protective covers on the front seats. Fastened with zippers, they can be easily removed and freed from area dirt in the washing machine. And there is still the glove compartment. Simply ingenious, the engineers have mutated it into a huge drawer.


A clear plus for the "drawer" as a glove compartment. Something goes in here

It holds an unprecedented 11 liters and offers space for plenty of hunter bells and whistles. And finally, the height-adjustable luggage compartment floor with a washable rubber side can be rated as a “green plus”. But that’s it with the new French’s suitability for the area. Quite nice details - but there are dozens of models from other manufacturers that are more intrusive to the hunter.


Gimmick: An analysis of the ambient air can be read on the display
Looking for plus points away from the field and hallway: In the city and on paved paths, the Captur should play its cards. Its basis comes from the proven Clio. However, the Captur is 12 centimeters longer than the basic version. The DJZ test model is the TCe 120. It has 120 HP, which, however, is neither powerful nor quick. Renault calls out 10.9 seconds from 0 to 100. The automatic variant is 1 second slower. And the top speed of 180 km / h was only scratched after a few minutes of lead foot.
But the French score points in terms of consumption. The combined thirst is said to be 5.4 liters. Of course he doesn't. During normal driving in sporty mode, the DJZ test vehicle consumed 7.8 liters of super, in ECO mode 1 liter less. That's still okay. The driving behavior is calm. Only the slight oscillation when cornering is noticeable.


Futuristic: The fittings have both digital and analog displays

Price comparison

A quick look inside: Most of the fittings are finished in black piano lacquer. That seems kind of cheap. Likewise the plastic-framed gear lever. The display and control panels are large and therefore user-friendly. The adjustable back seat comes in fine. Likewise the ingenious multimedia system, in which you can even read out wildlife cameras via USB connection or memory card slot.


For example, wildlife cameras can be read out via a USB and memory card connection
In terms of price, Renault makes a whispered declaration of war on the competition with the Captur. The entry-level model starts at just under 15,300 euros. That is around 1,700 euros less than for the Chevrolet Trax (DJZ 10/2013) and even 3,700 less than for the Opel Mokka (DJZ 2/2013). But is that enough to make friends among hunters? Hans Jörg Nagel

Captur TCe 120

Power: 120 hp
Displacement: 1,200 cc
Length: 4.12 m
Height: 1.56 m
Ground clearance: 17 cm
Consumption (DJZ test): 6.8 l
Empty weight: 1,255 kg
maximum weight allowed: 1,726 kg
Turning circle: 10.4 m
Top speed: 180 km / h
Price from: 15,290 euros
Price (test car): 21,200 euros