When can you buy a BMW?

BMW 3 Series (F30): Used car purchase advice

The BMW 3 Series symbolizes the brand slogan "Driving pleasure". Although the Bavarian has put on a few inches and pounds over the years, his DNA has not been lost. With hardly any other representative of the Middle class can be so wonderfully corner robber as with a used one BMW 3 Series of the F30 series (2012 to 2019). On top of that, the sixth generation is 3 Serieseconomical, enjoyable durable, and the TÜV loves him too. The perfect choice for dynamics among those interested in used cars? CAR PICTURE shows what you should know before buying and has three deals from the Used car market picked out: For all of them, the indicated price includes a Used car guarantee. A black BMW 320d Touring with GPS, trailer hitch and adaptive chassis is in Lahr / Black Forest (Baden-Württemberg) for sale. The advertised BMW was in December 2015 approved for the first time, has been rewinding so far 123,029 kilometers from and is according to the dealer accident free as checkbook maintained. 16,460 euros are on the price tag. In Ingelfingen (Baden-Württemberg) becomes a silver one BMW 320d GT offered. This car comes from the December 2016, Has 120,138 kilometers on the clock and is also according to the display accident free and checkbook maintained. Among others are bluetooth and Sat nav on board, the dealer asks 16,900 euros. Eventually it becomes a white 320d sedan in Alzey (Rhineland-Palatinate) sold. Among other things, this BMW takes its passengers along Navi, Cruise control and Climate control the trip pleasant. Since the initial registration in December 2017 has the car 119,027 kilometers covered. He is also called accident free and checkbook maintained described. 18,990 euros must be created.

Generation six 3 Series: guarantee of driving pleasure

The BMW 3 Series F30 is the epitome of the sporty sedan. But the stress is high!

in the TÜV reporthe comes 3 series of the F30 seriesbasically good way. At the center of the test report is the driving pleasurethat the Munich middle class promises its owners. Visually, this 3 leans strongly on the 5, but it moves much more talented than its big brother. For the hearty Curve robbersOn winding country roads there is therefore no need for an M3 - even the slightly weaker motorized versions can tear around the bends, as is typical for BMW. In addition, the TÜV praises the broad Model offer. In addition to limousinethere is the popular one Station wagonand the stylish ones GTwith angled tailgate and up to 1600 liters trunk volume. The imagedes 3 is considered excellent, the processingis good that Performancemove between appropriate and brutal. The dieselprovide between 115 and 313 hp, Gasoline enginethere were 136 to 340 hp. The 3 series F30 Rear wheel driveand a manual one Manual transmission. There was one for an extra charge Eight-speed automaticand from the 320 onwards all wheel drive"xDrive". SkimpThe 3 can also: The "Efficient Dynamics" versions are economical with slightly reduced power and long-geared gears.

From the Test chapters of the TÜV also shows how much the 3 series F30 is driven on average. Point deduction the Bavarian already gets for his feathers and Shock absorbers. The function of the Handbrake is always complained about. Whether the shortcomings in the Headlights even younger 3-series can be explained solely by the high level of stress, however, is a different matter. The same goes for the possible Emissions test problems. The Stability of the brakes Don't worry: when the stoppers of a car that is so fast and driven so much last a long time, it deserves praise. Those interested should still know that there are several for the F30 Callbacks gave. Among other things, it was about Security gaps in the "ConnectedDrive" system. It is best to ask an authorized dealer whether the recall was carried out on your own vehicle. BMW makes a note in the database of the workshop system.

Endurance test 3 series showed itself to be a travel professional

The 3 Series GT in the AUTO BILD long-term test impressed the team, but unfortunately it also attracted thieves.

in the AUTO BILD endurance testturned out to be BMW 320d GTas agreed Travel and transport professional. BMW has taken the China 3er with a long wheelbase and built a rather massive rear end with an angled hatch onto it. That might be more elegant, but it couldn't be more practical: the driver is seated six inches higherthan in the normal 3 series that Headroomtrue that Legroomis outstanding. There is also a huge one Trunk(up to 1600 liters). Great! A complete set of TV equipment could be transported with the sloping BMW without any problems. Even people who are spoiled for comfort were happy to be able to unwind hundreds of kilometers with the 3 Series GT. The excellent Automaticwas unanimously praised by all testers. The extended wheelbasegave the GT a ride comfort that made the sedan and station wagon look old. There was also a stoic one Straight aheadThat not every BMW has by a long way. A formidable travel king who with his Eco-Pro modealways caused astonishment. In this mode, the leads Navirecommendations depend on the planned route as to when the driver can take off the accelerator and thus save fuel.

There were reasons to celebrate on this one 100,000 kilometers plenty, but a few details also caused trouble: the frameless Side windows made for clearly audible Wind noise, and the Clarity the GT left a lot to be desired. Then there was that navigation system with its incredibly precise real-time traffic jam report. It was stolen from the editors twice during the test, complete with screen and controller. Damage each time: 7,000 euros. Although the insurance paid, AUTO BILD still had the effort. The BMW also had minor problems in the electronics. When the central display reported that the backup camera be malfunction, it was a Software error. When the engine stuttered at half throttle at around 60,000 kilometers, it had to Transmission control unit restarted. As with the Disassembly of the test car a small one Crack in a flask of the 184 hp diesel came to light, BMW assured us that it was an isolated case that would not have led to the failure. The noises from Rear differential could be fixed with fat.

The lively 320d is just the thing - actually!

If you want to have such a used 320d Touring, you should look carefully at the year of manufacture.

in the Used car testit becomes clear why potential buyers should look carefully when choosing their car. It starts with the one you want Furnishing: Because many 3 series F30 on the Used car marketpersonal preferences can be included in the selection. Going to the other end of the country to find out that the used vehicle of choice doesn't really fit doesn't make sense. There is enough choice around the corner! Who is not in a Big city with environmental zonelives, can confidently grab an early F30 with diesel and enjoy the lower purchase price. If you do not want to be affected by diesel driving bans, you should look for a car that has the Facelift in summer 2015ran off the tape. From this point on, the 320ddie Euro 6 standard. This engine is almost perfect for the 3 Series F30, it delivers very sovereign Torqueand harmonizes perfectly with the Rear wheel drive, the directly coordinated Drivenand precise steering. The large petrol engines are objects of fascination, but they put a strain on the wallet. There are other used BMW 3 Series with warranty!