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The 10 best techno festivals in Germany in 2021

Festival fans have a tough time this year. As a result of Covid-19, almost all festivals were postponed to summer 2021. But as the saying goes: postponed is not canceled! That's why we're all the more looking forward to 2021!

Sónar, Dekmantel, Exit or Awakenings - the list of prominent European electro and techno festivals is long. But in the past few years, more and more genre festivals have sprung up in Germany, which have raised expectations significantly. We want to introduce you to ten of the best representatives and talk about the hopeful newcomers and long-standing, established pioneers alike.

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None of our featured fights for the title of "German Tomorrowland", so you don't have to worry that "DJs" want to throw cake at you or that similar, EDM-specific nonsense will come your way. These festivals live from their locations, the atmosphere and above all from the music.

Habitat Festival

The Habitat Festival can be called an insider tip with a clear conscience. The gates at the airport near Hamburg opened for the first time in 2015 and have since created one of the absolute electro highlights of the year. Music, art and culture are combined here to create an atmosphere that could best be described as a living room fusion. And the line-up is always far removed from the insider tip frame. In 2019, for example, Extrawelt, Drangsal and Kid Simius were behind the decks.

Number of visitors in 2019: 5,000

Location: Hungriger Wolf Hohenlockstedt Airport (near Hamburg)

Date: 07/22 - July 25, 2021

Ticket prices: from 100 €

Line-up highlights 2021: TBA

Echolon Open-Air & Indoor Festival

Hardly any of the festivals in this list lives as much from its location as the Echolon does. Bad Aibling in Bavaria may not sound like the ultimate festival location at first, but a former NSA listening station has its very own charm. So it's no wonder that the festival borrowed its name from a US spy network. In its charm and atmosphere, the Echolon approaches that of larger EDM festivals.

Number of visitors in 2019: 25,000

Location: Bad Aibling

Date: August 20-22, 2020

Ticket prices: from € 88.90

Line-up highlights 2021: TBA

Icarus Festival

Bavaria and its techno festivals. In the past few years, more and more festivals like this have emerged in precisely that part of Germany that would not have been immediately ascribed a pronounced love for electronic music. The Ikarus Festival near Memmingen emerged as one of the largest. 35,000 visitors, 6 stages and over 80 artists. We hope that the line-up will keep up with the one from 2019 in 2021, after all, there were Paul Kalkbrenner, Ben Klock, Len Faki and many others. to see.

Number of visitors in 2019: 35,000

Location: Memingerberg (Memmingen)

Date: May 21. - May 24th, 2021

Ticket prices: from € 106.90

Line-up highlights 2021: TBA

Feel Festival

Between forests, sand dunes and the great outdoors, you might not suspect at first that you are only a few kilometers outside of Berlin. Year after year, the Feel Festival ensures that visitors can really escape everyday life. All the better if there is also music by acts like Konstantin Sibold, Monolink or Yetti Meißner to be heard. As every year, the line-up will only be announced at the beginning of the festival.

Number of visitors in 2019: 10,000

Location: Bergheider See / Lichterfeld

Date: TBA

Ticket prices: from € 125

Line-up highlights 2020: TBA

Nature One

65,000 visitors. A clear announcement for a German festival. In 2019, Nature One celebrated "The Twenty Five" and launched completely different guns for the anniversary. 350 DJs & live acts, 20 floors and a rocket base as a location sound exactly like your summer planning? Then off to Hunsrück again in 2021!

Number of visitors in 2019: 65,000

Location: Missile Base Pydna / Hunsrück

Date: 07/30 - 08/01/2020

Ticket prices: from € 89

Line-up highlights 2021: TBA

Time warp

In April 2019, Time Warp celebrated its 25th anniversary with Carl Cox, Charlotte De Witte, Peggy Gou, Ben Block and many other greats from the techno and house scene. But it's not long until the next issue!

Number of visitors in 2019: 18,000

Location: Maimarkthalle, Mannheim

Date: March 20, 2021

Ticket prices: from € 69

Line-up highlights 2020: TBA

Sun Moon Stars

Techno and house fans will probably be puzzled at the first lines of the SMS line-up. If you ignore Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix & Co., you will quickly notice that there are various treasures hidden in the lower lines. In recent years, for example, Dominik Eulberg, Extrawelt, Steve Bug and a large number of genre insider tips have appeared. So don't be put off, year after year there is an impressive selection of artists to see here.

Number of visitors in 2019: 40,000

Location: Saalburg / Thuringia

Date: 13.08 - 15.08.2021

Ticket prices: from € 129

Line-up highlights 2020: Alan Walker, Sven Väth, Alle Farben, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Nina Kraviz

Atonal Festival

At the Atonal Festival at the latest, the colorful festival fun is over, because this event is not for the faint of heart. Originally founded in the legendary SO36 in Kreuzberg, the festival was revived in 2013 at Kraftwerk Berlin. Loud, aggressive, underground - this is how the Atonal may appear to the outside world. You won't find the big names, of course, but if you get involved in this experimental world, you have the opportunity to experience music in a completely new way.

Number of visitors 2019: -

Location: Kraftwerk Berlin

Date: TBA

Ticket prices: not yet available

Line-up highlights 2021: TBA

Melt! Festival

To dismiss the Melt! Festival as a pure electronic festival would be unfair. After all, the organizers shine year after year with a carefully selected line-up and an interesting combination of genres from all areas. But techno fans can dance nonstop on the Big Wheel, Modeslektor or Sleepless floor to scene greats like Ben Klock, Modeselektor or Erobique between the cranes of Ferropolis to electronic sounds in the sunrise. Definitely one of the country's electro highlights.

Number of visitors in 2019: 20,000

Location: Ferropolis, Graefenhainichen

Date: 04.07. - 07/06/2020

Ticket prices: from € 139

Line-up highlights 2021: FKA Twigs

Fusion Festival

Isn't there something missing? Of course, the fusion, i.e. the last non-commercial festival figurehead when it comes to techno in Germany, should definitely not be missing from our list. After the creative break in 2017, the festival came back in 2018 in a new splendor. Whether you want to call it "escape from everyday life" or "holiday communism" - in terms of line-up and atmosphere, nothing comes close to the merger. The Fusion no longer needs advertising, nor does it need it at all. The tickets will be distributed by lottery in December, and the line-up will, as always, only be announced shortly before the start.

Number of visitors in 2019: 60,000

Location: Müritz Airpark, Lärz

Date: 30.06. - 04.07.2020

Ticket prices: You can only get a chance to get tickets by registering for the ticket raffle (ended on December 14, 2019)

Line-up highlights 2021: psst, secret!

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