What are five benefits of CCIE training

Cisco CCIE Wireless
12-month program

Candidate Screening and Enrollment

Each candidate is taken through an initial 1-hour interview and program overview prior to enrolling. During this call we will take a realistic measurement of where the candidate is starting from. This is critical for us to create a customized training plan. No two people get to CCIE the same way. We take into consideration current skill level and knowledge, how much hands-on is involved in their current job, family and job time commitments, etc. This will allow us to create a plan that fits the candidate, some finish the program earlier than 12 -months some go slightly beyond it. We call this a 12-month program because that is the average time most take but rest assured if it takes you 18-months the program can be adapted to fit you.

Initial mentor meeting

Once the program has been purchased we start immediately. You will meet the mentor we will assign you with for the initial phases of the program. As you progress we may include other mentors that fit you better. Some of our mentors have 10+ years working with Cisco Wireless and are excellent instructors and communicators, this will help you master the technologies. We also have several mentors that have passed more than 6 separate CCIE exams in different technologies, these mentors can provide invaluable perspectives on exam management towards the end of your program.

At the conclusion of this initial mentoring program, the NC-Expert CCIE team will craft a detailed study plan and you will be studying within you first two weeks after purchasing the program. You will also meet your CCIE Program Coordinator during this meeting, this person will be responsible for regularly communicating with you and is only an email away when you need to ask a question, schedule a mentoring meeting, etc. They will also push you to stay on plan and will advise the team if events arise that would require us to adjust your program.

The Study Plan

The study plan is an easy to follow spread sheet that maps the Cisco Blueprint to resources we have identified that will give you what you need. No wasted time searching for documents to study or guess work on how much time should be spent on each area. We have it all laid out for you and the documents are mapped or on our server, you just click and read. We also advise you on how to extract the CCIE Exam information out of this and begin to build you own notebooks with the information you need to retain.

CCIE Technical Topic Webinars

Our webinars are designed to meet a very specific requirement in the CCIE study process. Many of the topics included and tested are very difficult to understand through reading alone. Many of these topics are also far above typical training courses currently in the market. So there is a gap. We host webinars for our CCIE candidates typically 2-4 times per month, these are usually hosted during non-work hours in several time zones. The duration is typically 2-4 hours in length and carries the candidate from an introduction to the topic through to the less known CCIE level knowledge.

CCIE knowledge is not always about Cisco best practice, it is often times about testing the candidate’s ability to think under pressure and out of the box so the requirement may seem ridiculous and the knowledge needed may not be learned through typical methods. This is what our webinars cover. Examples of topics include wired and wireless QoS, troubleshooting ISE and wireless, etc.

Webinars are hosted on Citrix or WebEx Virtual Attendance platforms and include a mixture of white boarding and discussion.

Individual mentoring

1-on-1 time with a CCIE Wireless Expert is crucial and one of the most unique components of our program. We have found there are two main reasons people don’t complete their CCIE studies; one they can't stay disciplined enough to get through the hours needed and two they hit areas while studying that they don't understand and the frustration causes them to eventually give up.

We assign mentors based on a good fit with the candidate and what we feel the candidate will need the most to be successful, both knowledge and personality. We then include 6 hours per 6-month period of the program for a total of 12 hours. The time is used in 30 min increments generally and is tracked by the assigned CCIE Program Coordinator. The process is simple the candidate contacts their coordinator and tells them what they are struggling with, the coordinator contacts the mentor and schedules a session. During the session they go through the technology or technique that is causing them trouble and the mentor works with them 1-on-1 to demonstrate and teach them. This ensures the candidate never gets frustrated and can stay on track.

There are also unlimited opportunities to be involved in group study or group mentoring. Through email and invitation only social groups where common questions and answers can be posted and discussed without suing up the individual mentoring time.

Together the Webinars and Mentoring provide an additional opportunity for an average of 14 additional days of instructor led training throughout the 12-month program. When combined with the two 5-day courses each candidate is receiving approximately 200+ hours of training with this program.

CCIE Wireless Version 3.1 Expert Workshop 1 (CIEWL1)

This is a Cisco Endorsed and Authorized NC-Expert Exclusive Course.

CIEWL1 provides 5 days of expert level topics targeted at CCIE students in the early or middle stages of their studies. The workshop covers the breadth of technologies covered on the CCIE Wireless exam and teaches students how to use an efficient problem-solving process to progress through the most difficult areas from the blueprint.

You will learn expert level concepts for deploying a Cisco Wireless environment such as:

  • Base configuration tasks (L3, L2, etc.)
  • Converged Access
  • CMX and Location
  • Security
  • Digital Transformation (IoT, SDN and Cloud)
CCIE Wireless Version 3.1 Expert Workshop 2 (CIEWL2)

This is a Cisco Endorsed and Authorized NC-Expert Exclusive Course.

CIEWL2 is an extensive hands-on lab practice targeted at students in the final stages of the CCIE preparation. The workshop teaches students how to apply various troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques, how to manage time allocation, and how to optimize resources during the lab. The workshop includes simulated exam tasks preparing the students for multiple exam tasks in each blueprint category. Each category includes Troubleshooting, Configuration and Diagnostic sections. All lab tasks include detailed answer keys and techniques for exam and time management.

You will learn expert level concepts for deploying a Cisco Wireless environment such as:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Autonomous deployments
  • Centralized deployments
  • Converged Access
  • ISE, Prime, CMX and Location
  • Security
  • Media and Application Services

CIEWL 1 & 2 may be attended numerous times. Some lab restrictions may apply and re-sits are virtual attendance only.

Optional Add-on to the 12-month Program: Dedicated Lab Purchase with Buy Back Option

1,790.00 € (can be bundled with a 12-month program for an additional 22 CLCs)

Lab practice is often the most critical and costly part of the CCIE investment. CCIE Wireless is one of the most expensive due to the requirements for Catalyst 3850 and WLC 5760 features. Purchasing two of each of these to practice the 10-15% of the exam tasks would cost the candidate over $ 20,000 USD alone. Add to this the other components such as APs, switches and servers and the investment prevents many from pursuing the CCIE.

The reality is 85% of the equipment needed can be purchased used as older models with the exception of the above two products. We approached this from a new and unique perspective much the same way we did the rest of the program. We charge an additional $ 2000 as an add-on to the program price. We take this and purchase the needed used equipment from eBay or other places used equipment is often sold. We then ship this to our HQ in California and cable, power and cool it for you. We then connect it to our Catalyst 3850s and WLC 5760 infrastructure.

This is the candidates dedicated lab, no one else will share this equipment. Configurations are left untouched as the candidate leaves them. This eliminates the problem with most of our competitor’s time-share models where you have to compete with other candidates to schedule time to practice. We know studying for CCIE is something you do whenever you get time; after work, during lunch, weekends, etc. Why should you have to jump through loops to practice? The only shared infrastructure we have is the devices mentioned above which only accounts for about 10% of your studies, for those times you send your coordinator an email and we tell you when there is time available. Otherwise there is unlimited lab access, no limits on hours available, it's your equipment!

This also gives the candidate the extra benefit of having an expert available to deal with support issues or resets. Not to mention a happier spouse because the living room is not hot or humming with Cisco equipment nor does the electricity bill double during your studies.

At the completion of your CCIE when you no longer have a use for the lab we buy it back from you at 40% of current value. This could mean your total investment goes from $ 30,000 down to maybe under $ 1000.