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Author:Jim Wagner

Knife Fighting - Reality-based survival training for police officers, soldiers and civilians



(ISBN-10: 3938711167)
Status:like New
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Wieland publishing house

Format:230x160 mm
Weight:360 g
Publisher's text:About the book: A knife is an extremely dangerous weapon. How to defend yourself against a knife attack, and how you can use a knife to defend yourself, is explained in detail in this book. In addition to the theory and the individual techniques of knife fighting, Jim Wagner also goes into the psychological and
physiological aspects. He gives precise instructions on how the knife fighting training should be structured. Numerous examples from his many years of experience round off this comprehensively illustrated book.
About the author: Jim Wagner is one of the most famous hand-to-hand combat trainers. The former US police officer trains police and military personnel around the world, especially special forces such as the German GSG-9. His reality-based survival training
was developed for this group of people and has become
Tried and tested a thousand times. But it works just as well for
Civilians who use it to defend themselves against attacks
Keywords:GSG9, combat knife, knife defense, military training, police training, self-defense, special unit
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