Can you turn on a gas stove manually

What could prevent my gas stove from igniting?

I have a Super Capacity 465 hot tub gas oven.

The four hobs work perfectly.

When I turn on the oven while grilling, I hear gas hissing and igniting ignitors. Within a second, it ignites the top burner in the furnace. I could see flames coming from the jets.

On the other hand, when I use the baking setting (to use the lower burner). I hear gas hissing, detonators ticking, but it doesn't light up. It will stop for about a minute and try again. It lights up sporadically but is not reliable. I opened the bottom panel to expose the burner and sprayed some oven cleaner over the nozzles. No luck. When I manually light the lower burner, it will ignite. To try this, I lit a small piece of paper, closed the oven door, and turned the oven on while baking. When the lower burner is on I can see that all of the nozzles have a flame. I only did this for diagnosis and later closed the bottom panel.

I've used the oven's self-cleaning feature a few times with no luck.

My problem is similar, but in my case the detonator goes off.

Some time ago I discovered a gas leak behind the stove, but the gas company fixed it. They unscrewed the gas inlet hose, applied some kind of grease, and tightened it again. I'm not sure if this could be related.

Chetan Bhargava

I believe the lower fuse is dead. I opened the base plate and while I can see the sparks from the top detonator, there were no sparks from the bottom detonator at all. Amazingly, it somehow worked yesterday.

Michael Kohne

Since the stove has two burners, it would of course have two igniters - but each igniter could break and the other would still make noise. Can you look at the detonators Are you sure they both shoot? Because it would be easy for something to foul the lower detonator.

You really want to see the detonator at least as bright as the top one before saying it works.

Chetan Bhargava

Yeah, I see the lower fuse go off. I see blue sparks from the detonator. As I said, it works sporadically.

Michael Kohne

@ChetanBhargava - ahh. I missed that it worked sometimes. Do all gas connections on the burner work with manual lighting? I guess so. In this case, it has to be the detonator itself - I think it's basically a spark gap, and if something gets into that gap or if one side is tapped (which closes the gap) the amount of energy in the spark ends up changing and may not light the burner. You could try looking at the detonator with a magnifying glass and see if it looks dirty or damaged, but it will likely need to be replaced.

Chetan Bhargava

To look at the detonator, I would have to remove it. It's at the deep end of the oven. Is it easy to remove the detonator? Many Thanks.

Chetan Bhargava

It appears that the lower igniter does not ignite on a cold start. My oven worked yesterday but not today. So I opened the base plate and manually lit it and replaced the plates. Baking started and after a while the bottom burner stopped to maintain the temperature. A few minutes later, when the temperature dropped, it ignited on its own. I heard the clicks and it ignited.


Pull out the bottom drawer and make sure the cable is still connected to the igniter. That was the problem with me. Reconnected and now everything is working fine.

Chetan Bhargava

Yes, the cables are connected and the detonator ignites for the first time. It will not re-ignite if the oven tries to raise the temperature again.