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Tasks and organization of the Federal Ministry of Health

The Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) is responsible for a large number of policy areas at its headquarters in Bonn and at its headquarters in Berlin. The work concentrates on the preparation of draft laws, ordinances and administrative regulations.

One of the central tasks is to maintain, secure and further develop the performance of statutory health insurance and long-term care insurance.

Furthermore, reform of the health system is one of the most important tasks of the ministry; The aim is to further develop the quality of the health system, to strengthen the interests of patients, to guarantee economic efficiency and to stabilize contribution rates.

Focus: health protection

Another focus of the Ministry in the health sector is health protection, disease control and biomedicine. The Infection Protection Act clearly emphasizes prevention, advice and personal responsibility in preventing infection, and the public health system is strengthened. The Transplantation Act, the Embryo Protection Act and the Stem Cell Act regulate the legal framework for these important medical areas.

The Federal Ministry of Health also designs the framework regulations for the manufacture, clinical testing, approval, distribution channels and monitoring of drugs and medical products in order to meet the high requirements for quality, effectiveness and safety. The safety of biological medicinal products such as blood products is an essential ongoing task of the ministry and its subordinate authorities. In addition, the ministry supports research and enables new supply structures; This applies, for example, to mental health, help for the chronically ill, child health and advice and care for infected and sick people. In order to continuously improve the level of knowledge with regard to the health system, the necessary information is compiled in the context of health reporting.

Every citizen should have the opportunity to acquire a broad knowledge of health. Responsible insured persons and informed patients are just as much a part of a health system as laws and regulations. In the context of disease control, too, comprehensive knowledge prevents health risks, including wide-ranging information on the subject of drug and addiction risks.

The ministry's area of ​​responsibility also includes the professional laws for admission to the federally regulated medical and health professions, including corresponding training regulations, in order to guarantee the quality of the relevant professional practice and thus also the care.

International health policy

In addition to national health policy, European and international health policy is also one of the tasks of the Federal Ministry. Globalization, travel, and the opening up to our Eastern European neighbors mean that new risks and dangers believed to have been overcome prematurely have to be tackled together with partners at the point where they arise.

The drug commissioner, the patient commissioner and the nursing representative of the federal government are assigned to the ministry.

The subordinate business area of ​​the Federal Ministry of Health includes: