Why do guys always find me unattractive

6 things guys find unattractive about us

6 things that guys find unattractive about us!

Boys are really not easy to see through and probably more complicated than us girls. What do guys find unattractive about us? We have the answer.

There are some things that guys find attractive about us and others that they don't. Since of course only very few of them would say that to our faces, we got to the bottom of the matter ourselves.

1. Blasphemy sisters

On your first date, do you babble him into the ground with the latest gossip? Not good at all. That doesn't look trustworthy. The poor guy probably thinks you're going to run to your girlfriends right after the date and divulge what has happened (which you do too - but he doesn't have to know). So save the gossip for the next round of girls.

2. Problems over Problems

Your teacher gave you a presentation, your parents are stressed and you also have an ingrown toenail? You should keep that to yourself, too. After all, guys hate nothing more than problems - at least if you are just getting to know each other.

3. Talking badly about the ex

That, too, falls into the "blasphemous sister" category and is the biggest turn-off. First, it brings a bad mood to the meeting, and second, they are guaranteed to think that you talk about him just as badly at some point ...

4. You are too perfect

Even if your life couldn't be better right now, your hair, clothes and make-up are great, that doesn't mean that you have won your crush straight away - on the contrary. Boys want a girlfriend with which you can experience crazy adventures and not someone who stands in front of the mirror for hours.

5. You want him too badly

Yes, on the one hand guys like it when you throw yourself around their necks, but too much of a good thing could backfire. It's much more exciting for guys when you're not so easy to come by. This is how you awaken the hunting instinct in them - that makes you more attractive.

6. You are a party girl

Well, when it comes to partying, you never get bored - your crush might find this interesting too. But be careful: When your weekend is limited to partying, guys don't find this sexy at all. After all, they must fear that you will meet another boy. And by the way: Many guys don't like totally drunk girls who are loud and uncontrollable either ...