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at the age of 29 you are certainly not too old. I am 35 and have just started ATPL training. I already have the PPL. Also spent two years considering whether to start now or not.

Two things that you read here over and over again are, in my opinion, indispensable if you are involved in such an expensive training.

1. Financial security, at that age I would no longer be in debt. I would only dare to take the step with a secure first leg.
2. I have studied myself and know what it means. Most of the time you don't have a lot of money. Saving is rather flat there. You have to be prepared for tens of thousands of euros. From my experience in engineering, I can only say that there was often not much time left for other things than learning.

I would study first, if financially possible, do the PPL in a club relatively inexpensively, or if you have a permanent job. Then start with the ATPL.
So just like you suggested.

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panic wrote the following:

Unfortunately, that's usually the case, at least if you want to go to an airline. Nobody cares what you've done before. You're only supposed to fly the plane, your studies won't help you with that either.

If you previously studied German, then I share your opinion, but if you previously studied LRT or mechanical engineering, I can't imagine that people will simply ignore it. Regardless of the fact that you are only supposed to fly one plane from A to B, you will certainly have added value for a company due to an engineering degree in the above-mentioned disciplines, provided it still has its own technology department or similar. Note: If you now also finance your training privately, the airline doesn't even have great training costs for you ... except for the type rating. ! Accordingly, the added value rises almost infinitely ...

Nowadays I have the feeling that more and more additional qualifications are required .....

PS: Teach me better with my point of view and show me the selection committee that really names a course of study as "irrelevant / unnecessary / irrelevant" or at least thinks so ... as long as it is not about humanities xyz.
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