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Ms. Marvel - Meta-Morphosis: Burkini Power

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A fan girl suddenly becomes a superhero herself and doesn't even know what happens to her. The new Marvel series "Ms. Marvel ”, the first US issues of which are now also being collected by Panini Comics in the volume“ Meta-Morphose ”, has a young Muslim heroine. That is quite a hit in the USA and the series is rightly nominated for the Hugo and several times for the Eisner Award. Above all, the start of the new Miss Marvel is a gorgeous coming of age story that is by no means just worth reading for young girls.

Kamala Khan is sixteen and the daughter of Pakistani immigrants in New York. Although her parents want Kamala to integrate into society, they also look for a religious upbringing. Kamala, however, is totally into Miss Marvel, thinks her sexy costume is great and hangs around the internet in comic forums.

Just smell the ham.

One night while Kamala was secretly sneaking into a party, a strange fog picks up and Kamala passes out. Foolishly, her friend Bruno called Kamala's parents because he was worried. But the fog changed Kamala and now she has the super powers that characterize Carol Danvers alias Captain Marvel. But she can't really deal with the new skills yet. Your rescue operation from classmate and head bitch Zoe almost goes in the pants. Now Ms. Marvel is under house arrest and has to secretly try out her new powers; and then there is also the problem with the costume. Her mother is skeptical when she suddenly asks Kamala for her burkini ...

Cool tricks and no costume?

Kamala Khan isn't the first Muslim superhero, but as a young Muslim she more than lives up to her own series. The story comes from the pen of G. Willow Wilson and was graphically implemented by Adrian Alphona. Wilson converted to Islam himself and the journalist and author has also been active as a comic book writer for some time. With "Ms. Marvel ”she succeeds in an intelligent, fresh and funny reinterpretation of the classic superhero who has been flying through the Marvel universe since the 1960s.

Wrongly assessed the situation

The approach, at least in the first five US issues, is mainly about the transformation from teen to heroine and dealing with the new force. Everyday teenage life makes up a large part of the humor and charm of this story and, with its problems and pitfalls, already appears as a contemporary version of what made Peter Parker aka Spider-Man so successful at the time. In addition, there is a good dash of local color as in Matt Friction's highly acclaimed new "Hawkeye" series and a bit of culture clash between the different religions. I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel gains a new young female readership as a result of this in the superhero comics. The purely female incarnation of the new "Defenders", on the other hand, was more of a classic (almost adolescent) young dream.

Where's Ms. Marvel?

"Ms. Marvel “is brought to the comic pages with a narrative ease and a cultural self-confidence that is far from any religious missionary or demonization. In “Ms Marvel” there is no preaching, it is practiced quite realistically. But that from a young woman who is looking for orientation herself and is driven by sympathetic curiosity and great openness.

Without wanting to overstate it: The new extremely readable incarnation of “Ms. Marvel “has the potential to create cultural and religious tolerance. The story turns the foundations of the American immigrant nation into a living experience. John F. Kennedy's “Melting Pot” thesis (“Nation of Immigrants” 1958) could not be implemented more topically than in “Ms. Marvel ". Anyone who believes that the topic has nothing to do with us in Germany and Europe has not recognized the signs of the times.

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Ms. Marvel: Meta-Morphosis
OT: Ms. Marvel 2014 1-5, All New Marvel now, Point One,
Author: G. Willow Wilson
Draftsman: Adrian Alphona
Publisher: Panini comics, softcover, 124 pages
Release: March 31, 2015

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