What are networking events

Mastering networking events successfully

What are networking events?

There are not THE special events that are only aimed at networking. Networking can be part of any event - no matter what kind. This means that guests can make contacts at a conference or trade fair just as well as they can at an in-house event or any other event. It therefore does not depend on the type of event, but more on the extent to which the organizer promotes networking at his event.

Why host networking events?

For every event organizer, the question naturally arises as to why they should actively promote networking at their event. Why should you host a networking event? What are the advantages for me as an organizer and company? What does networking bring me?

Legitimate questions. The answer: Actively promoting networking at events not only makes the participants and guests of your own event happy and possibly more successful in the end, but also yourself. A networking event can be used very well to make your own company successful as an organizer to promote. You can network your own company sustainably through the networking event, because as the organizer you have the chance to come into contact with each individual participant and to connect with everyone. And when the participants leave the event happy and satisfied after networking, you've definitely done something good for your own reputation. In order to design a successful networking event and ultimately to achieve a positive result for the organizers and participants, the following factors should be taken into account.

This is what a networking event should look like

As an organizer, if you want to turn your event into a hub for networking, you should pay close attention to a few factors. The event must be optimally geared towards networking and the participants and their expectations should definitely be taken into account.

This is to be considered at a networking event:

1. Determine the networking goal and format

Networking can be promoted in different ways at an event. The extent to which networking is integrated depends above all on the goals of the networking and a few other factors. Are certain people supposed to meet? Should the most diverse and as many people as possible come together? Is it a very large event or is it a smaller round?

You should answer these questions at the beginning in order to then correct networking format to be determined. Now you can decide whether you want to offer more specific small networking opportunities at the event, plan a big “get-together” or turn the entire event into a big networking event.

2. Invite the right guests

In order for the networking at the event to work well, of course the correct participant be invited. It is definitely beneficial to have the target audience beforehand exactly known and is coordinated.
In this way, the guests have a framework in which they can move and common topics that they can talk about. In the end, that means: added value for everyone, satisfied guests and, in the end, positive feedback.

3. Choose a feel-good location with optimal conditions

It sounds banal, but it is definitely of great importance: the right one Feel-good location. In order to support successful networking, a location with the optimal conditions must be selected. Guests who are supposed to come into contact with each other must feel comfortable where the action is.
Successful networking requires a sociable atmosphere in which strangers like to meet and chat. In addition, there should be optimal conditions, such as warm lighting, comfortable seating areas and a good internet connection, so that the guests feel comfortable, can come together and enjoy networking.

4. Offer networking offers and time period

Often you have to do it with people animateto get together and be very clear about when time for networking. It is best to offer different networking options here.
This can be small networking offers, such as a "speed dating", a common breakfast, special meetings or large networking offers, such as a "get together" with all guests at the end of the event.
It is important that you get these offers as well as the times and spaces for them clearly defined and communicated.

5. Facilitate communication among guests

A little help can be provided so that people can come together and, above all, the right guests can meet at an event. How?
So-called event badges are the best way to do this. These are Nameplates, of which every guest at an event wears one. Each participant can be recognized or classified using the badge. It usually has the name, job title and company the person works for.
The event badge can also indicate whether a guest has come to a specific group, such as belonging to the press or VIPs. By handing out such event badges to each participant at the beginning of an event, communication with one another can be made much easier from the start. The guests know directly who they are dealing with and it is easier for them to start a conversation - the networking begins.

6. Provide good food and pleasant music

A cozy atmosphere and good conversation are essential delicious snacks, good drinks and nice music absolutely in addition. The guests should feel comfortable, want to stay on site for a long time and feel cared for. All of this contributes significantly to the fact that people enjoy their time, use the networking opportunities and enjoy talking to each other.

7. Use social media

Social media can be used to initiate networking before an event. If you have the upcoming event present in advance on various social media channels, such as Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn, you can get one there Community build up.
The future event participants can get in contact with each other beforehand, arrange to meet for the event and then meet there for a conversation. Sufficient networking at the event itself will therefore be ensured in advance through social media.

8. Use networking apps

Some helpers can be used to ensure successful networking. What helpers are there? There are various options for organizers here.
Help with the implementation of a successful networking event is offered, for example, by our doo software in cooperation with the networking app EventMobi or our on-site partner FastLane.
With the help of doo and EventMobi can be very easy for event participants interact with each other, with the help of FastLane they get the option of a personalized one Name badge printing.
But also the general one Event planning and the Participant management, which includes the optimal seating, for example, can be realized with the help of our event planning software. So the right guests can in advance placed next to each other and thus for a functioning networking be ensured at the event.

As you can see, a successful networking event requires sufficient thought and planning. Many factors have to be taken into account so that the networking ultimately works optimally and all participants and the organizer themselves have a positive memory of the event.

Networking is one thing, but other important factors, such as good participant and invitation management, are also among the things that make a successful event. With doo you can ideally realize all of this. Just try it out for yourself!