What is a life without goals

SLOW MOTION 20: No life without a goal


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Didn't we always criticize our parents - the German goal in life? Didn't we find it petty bourgeois and petty-minded when they believed they were realizing their human happiness with their material success? The criticism was justified, and today many of the "older generation" also know that financial success often destroys more than it builds.

But this is where the criticism of many of us must begin. We condemned, refused, without being able to offer our own alternatives. We looked for role models (and emulated them) who only embody in modern form what our parents always strived for - success.

Each of us needs a goal in life, but for that we finally have to break away from outdated values. We are no longer allowed to ask a person "what is he?" But rather "how is he?" judge. Only then can one really become aware of one's own qualities and adapt one's life goal to them. Frank Laue, 19 years


Everyone needs a goal in life. Only the overriding task to which he can direct all his thoughts and actions gives his existence meaning and gives him the strength to face the demands and so-called "realities" of life. However, this goal, this task, should never become an end in itself, which leads the already far too unfree person into new dependencies and whose unconditional fulfillment he subserviently submits, but the goal should be voluntary and self-chosen and its achievement hoped, desired and strived for but never be essential.

Otto Teischel, 20 years

Even if it does not necessarily have to be the goal in life, everyone needs at least intermediate goals that give his actions a meaning.