Why do some people develop God complexes


God complex (English god complex), too God complex or God-man complex is a popular psychological term for the unshakable self-perception of a person who believes that they are godlike or act like god because of personal abilities, privileges or infallibility.

God complex is not a medical term.

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Concept formation

The term was introduced in 1913 by the British psychoanalyst Ernest Jones (1879-1958) in the article The God Complex: The Belief That One is God and the Resulting Character Traits embossed.[1][2] Jones related this term very closely to people who see themselves in this role and therefore have a special urge to intervene in the lives of others as psychologists and / or psychiatrists.[3][4] The use of the term was later generalized.[5]


For example, a person with a God complex may refuse to allow or admit the possibility of their error or failure, even in the face of irrefutable evidence, unsolvable problems, or impossible tasks. Such a person is also extremely dogmatic in their views, which manifests itself in the fact that this person speaks of their personal opinions as if they are undoubtedly correct.[6] Someone with a God complex, for example, shows no consideration for the conventions and demands of society and may require special personal considerations or privileges.[6]

Narcissism, alleged infallibility in thought and action, overestimation of oneself, loss of reality (or lack of reference to reality) and dogmatic thinking, i.e. the general belief in representing the only correct values ​​and ideals, can often be seen in character and behavior.[7][8]


God complex does not represent, and is not used in, a medical term or diagnosed mental disorder Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) mentioned.

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