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The seven shinobi swordsmen from Kirigakure

Seven shinobi swordsmen from Kirigakure

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The seven shinobi swordsmen from Kirigakure (霧 の 忍 刀 七 人 衆, Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananinshuu) are the seven best swordsmen from Kirigakure. Each of them has a special sword, and all members known so far seem to have pointed teeth and some of them wear a kind of bandage around their necks. Zabuza Momochi and Kisame Hoshigaki are the only known Shinobi swordsmen to date who have left their village and become Nukenin. So far, a total of nine Shinobi swordsmen of different generations are known. According to Suigetsu Hoozuki, the swords of the seven Shinobi swordsmen are always passed on to the next generation. You will therefore only be accepted as a new shinobi swordsman from Kirigakure if you own the sword from one of the previous shinobi swordsmen, which is why Suigetsu wanted that from Zabuza. However, since he only stole the sword and did not receive it officially, he would never be considered a real shinobi swordsman. In addition, the seven swords are kept in a scroll when they are not taken.


  • Raiga Kurosuki is the only character from a filler who, like his pair of swords, Kiba, was taken over into the manga. In chapter 668 he makes an appearance as a member of the seven shinobi swordsmen from Kirigakure, over eight years after his debut in the anime.


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