Who is your favorite discount stockbroker

at least on

Girindus (30)
IM (around 50 mixed course - unfortunately)
Fantastic (remaining stock from trade at 12.5)

I also set. Next to it

Cinema world,
Utimaco (remaining stock from very good trade),
Update (unfortunately; new lows; chart techn. Sch .., but fundamentally a purchase) ATS (my retirement provision),
Jumptec (my 2nd old-age provision, that's an exaggeration),
OTI (my 3rd - hopefully I'll get old enough for that)

Except for IM and update, this is my long-term depot. There are also a few Adera. Some DAX values ​​are also in the long-term portfolio. (Banken, Allianz and Siemens) and a handful of IFCO and IFO (are only similar in their abbreviations).

A few biotech stocks (Nasdaq) are in the trading depot.

I am 85 percent invested and will add a fund for 5-10 percent (new markets or biotech, I'll decide tomorrow), because


(Even if I have to encourage myself, I really do believe in it - I wanted to pack a few more Dax calls today, but this EUREX investment dodel talked me out of this, the DAX would have to go down again to 7000 to move up to have - once again distrusted my own nose)

My Nemax tips for the next 4-6 weeks:

Biotech, Biotech, Biotech (Nemax favorites: GPC, Girindus, Evotec, Qiagen)
Logistic: Thiel (I missed it, the Liqui was missing last), Microlog, IFCO
Internet: Tomorrow (but have to consolidate first), IMH, Adera (ok not NM)
Media: IM, Helkon (? Unsure?)
Network security: Norcom, Utimaco

In terms of the chart, only Thiel and CE look good.

Depot is currently a few percent up - that was the almost transparent Idefix.