Can we read the Koran in certain periods?

During menstruation, can a woman read the Quran without touching it or read it from an electronic device?

Read without touching

Quran 56:79 ( nobody touches it except the purified ) implies that a person in an impure state should not touch the Qur'an, which includes women during menstruation. If she does not touch the Quran, there is a difference of opinion as to whether she is allowed to read it, as described by IslamWeb:

The majority of scholars believe that it is illegal for women to read the Quran during their menstrual period. ...

But Imam Malik considers it legal for her to read it without touching it. This opinion was also reported by Imam Ahmad. It is also one of the opinions of Imam Al Shafi'e. ... We believe this last opinion is most supported by evidence, as mentioned in your question.
Woman during menstruation using the Koran, IslamWeb

IslamWeb has other fatawa on this topic: Woman during menstruation using the Koran ( she can look at the Koran and read it only with her eyes ) and touching the Koran and praying during menstruation ( she may keep her memory of theKoranread and check Quran without touching it ).

Regarding reciting loudly it says in the questions and answers of theIslam: The majority of the fuqahaa 'say that it is haraam for a woman to recite the Quran during her period (and also from AskImam). See also: Can a Woman Recite the Quran During Her Rule?

Touch an electronic version

This boils down to whether an electronically displayed Quran is Mushaf and therefore requires one to be in a wudu state in order to be able to handle it. I have found two important opinions on this:

  1. You are not mushaf:

    Cell phones and other electronic devices in which the Quran is stored are not considered mus-haf (Quran book), and a Quran’s decision does not apply to them in relation to the obligation to be in a washing state in order to touch it and doesn't like to go into the toilet with it and so on.

    A fatwa at agrees: It doesn't hurt because it's not a Koran in your hands, but a mobile phone. Another is at

    IslamWeb is also considered Tafsir, and translations of the Quran are not considered Mushaf and can be touched by women during menstruation (Ref.), As are PDF versions (Ref.).

  2. They are effectively mushaf when Quranic verses appear on the screen.

    ... as soon as the verses of the Koran appear on the screen, the area in which the actual text appears may no longer be touched without Wudu. However, touching other parts of the iPhone or device is allowed.
    SeekersHub, presented from perspective

    Similar views were given by and AskImam.

See also Can I read the Quran from a monitor when I am not in Wudu?

مجاهد 's answer to Can the Quran be touched without wudu? gives this a certain nuance, but Fatawa states that it is usually considered improper, e.g. B. Islam Q&A writes. According to the majority of scholars, it is not permissible for a Muslim to touch the Koran if he does not have a wudoo. Other examples of fatawa making the same claim are IslamWeb, SeekersHub, and