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It is believed to be proud was founded More than the first settlement 14.5 thousand. years ago. This indicates people's old parking lot. It was proven by archaeologists on river day Aucylla.. IN THE 1513. To the banks of the future Florida Spanish ships were approaching. They gave the names of the state and future cities. The year of the founding of this city is considered to be officially considered 1824.. But his name is known to me 16th Century Thanks to the Indian local tribe apacha.. The influence on the historical development of the city was largely provided by the French and the British.

Currently Tallahasse It's an industrialized city. Here are available 2 Large university And their hospitals. Its economy is mainly based on trade and services. He received the greatest development after 1845.When Florida was recognized by Americans 27 state, but Talhassee. - their capital.

Attractions in Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahasse distinguishes from other capitals very interesting features - this is the most recent capital of America. (The average age of its residents is no more than 26 years) and the presence at the same time 2 Capitol. The old building functions as a working historical museum with a free visit. Its exhibits are dedicated to the history of the state. building new capitol. Erected half a century ago. He is interested in his observation platform on the roof. It is perfectly visible from the city itself, but also its surroundings.

The city is proud of mine museum of antique cars. Here are the rarest models of American cars. Many exhibits were involved in the making of various films.

It is famous for tourists very interesting Springs State Vacuula. With the purest water. Here you offer to buy tourists in absolutely transparent water.

Tourist routes are vacula river.. However, it is not safe to swim on it because of a large number crocodiles. But tourists who came to Tallahassecan be located in the most beautiful underground caves, which are located in the state park Florida Caverns. Mighty stone rivers and pools are impressive with their beauty.

Museums, architecture and entertainment

Local residents really like it Museum of Natural Sciences Outdoors. It has a large number of different animals. And he resembles zoo.

No historical and architectural value are no less old buildings. One of them occupies the state chamber. Famous diner famous for its homemade sausages Bradley's Country Estate.Also located in the architecture museum. The building was dismantled 1927..

It is interesting for tourists to visit numerous cafes and inexpensive cafes restaurants., theatre., movie theater. There are several ballet groups. Often promoted youth concerts. There is an art park here Railroad Square Art Parkwhere not only works, but the artists live.

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Five largest largest. Florida It has a population of 19.5 million people (4th place).

On its territory is one of the most famous US resorts - the city of Miami. And in addition to this Florida, it is still famous for many features and attractions.

The Union of Florida entered the account in the 27th and received this status in early March 1845. The population is very numerous, but it cannot boast of extensive territories - the area is 170,304 km 2 (22nd place).

Main Status - Tallahassee. The largest cities are Jacksonville (Initially), Miami, Orlando, etc.

For the first time the European foot joined in 1513. The Spanish equistor Juan Ponce de Leon announced the territory of the Spaniard.

It remained in the behavior of the last Florida before the signing of the Paris Peace Treaty of 1763: According to the conditions, this country was transferred to England in Exchange to Havana.

A few years later, however, the region again moved into the hands of the Spaniards, who sold his USA in 1819.

Geography and climate

The Florida staff is located on the peninsula of the same name, the entire territory of which is included in this region. It also includes land in the northern United States outside of the peninsula and Florida-Kis Island.

The territory is instantly washed by three major reservoirs: the Atlantic, the Mexican Bay, and the Florida Strait. The relief is mostly lowered, there are a few hills.

Florida map.

Florida's particular geographic position defines its climate. It is mostly wet tropical, places go in tropical, in some places - in the oceanic places of the monsoons.

The peninsula was warm at any time of the year, which is why Florida is popular not only as a summer, but also as a winter resort. The average temperature of 26-28 ° C (as far as possible to 38 ° C), January - 12-20 ° C.

However, in the summer and autumn the appearance of a tornado is possible, so the winter and spring periods, although not as hot, are safer.


Florida highlights three particularly great breed accessories. 45% of the population is white, 22% - black, 30% is counted in Latin American (there is a large racial mix). 2% of the residents have Asian roots.

Most of the population preaches Christianity. The number of Muslims is higher than in a number of other states. Atheists are around 16% of the population.

Economic functions

Florida GDP is comparable to Australia's GDP, which indicates high economic development. Agriculture is one of the leading industries.

Here in large quantities are citrus fruits, tobacco, sugar cane. Marine fishing plays a big role - in the US markets, the region supplies a pink shrimp and a large number of fish species.

Florida is known as one of the biggest resorts - tourism that reigns here. Thousands of thousands of tourists rush here every year, which brings big profits. Also develops bank and phosphate mining.


Among numerous universities, two in particular are assigned. The University of Florida was founded in 1853. Today there are about 50 thousand students.

Favorite goals: biology, English, business, chemistry, sociology, math, etc.

Miami University is private. Created in 1925. Has a research orientation. Contains several colleges such as medical, oceanographic.

Tourist Attractions

First of all, Florida is popular as a resort region, which contributes to a mild climate, proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Miami has several largest beaches: Miami Beach, South Beach, etc.

The state of the state also deserves a great deal of attention: here you can admire the sunsets on the coast, see orange trees, walk through numerous national parks where wild animals live.

In this state, one of the most famous entertainment venues in the world is "the world of Walt Disney". It includes several thematic parks, hotels, restaurants, etc.

In Orlando is the largest water park.

Biscayin may be familiar with the beauty of the marine life.

In Florida, you can enjoy a cruise on the Atlantic Ocean.

Try a large number of unusual dishes - seafood is very common here.

Visit abandoned Fort Jefferson, Coral Castle, Salvador Dali Museum and more.


Watch a movie about Florida:

Of all the cities of Florida, the city of Tallahassee has the most similarities with Russian cities. The climate is warm but cooler than other parts of Florida. In Tallahassee, like Moscow, there are so many politicians and foreigners, and the trees grow along the streets. The presence of a special Russian language and literature at the local university makes our city even more similar to Russian. Compared to St. Petersburg and Moscow, Tallahasei is very, very small. There is an airport but no subway, but the closest international airport is in Jacksenville. Tallahassee isn't as popular with tourists as Orlando or Miami. There are no beaches here.

But we have many other advantages. We have something you won't find anywhere in Florida - the hills. We also have excellent schools and parks for children, and even there is a Russian school for children on Saturdays as many scientists work at Florida State University.

In Tallahassi, lots of entertainment for young people: concerts, local cafes where you can talk or work with a group of projects. For family meals, we have many museums and inexpensive restaurants with a menu to suit all tastes. Even the elderly do not have to miss, because in our city for them a large number of interest groups: whether it is dancing, or songs. In all fairness we won't miss each other and the beach is not far away.
Tallahassesi in the language of the indigenous Americans means "earth of seven hills" - pure and peaceful. Water here is fresh and clean, as near Natural Sizigiy.

I like art the most. We have amazing ballet: PA de VI ballet, Tallahassee ballet, worldwide ballet, as well as other troupes that come to our historic theaters from other cities and countries. When I was eleven, I was even lucky enough to dance with the Moscow Ballet during their visit to Tallahassee.

I would also like to mention about Railroood Skuere Art Park (Railroad Square Art Park). Artists live and work on it. Every month on a certain day, everyone can come and see their work. For film lovers in Tallahasse, there are cinemas showing Russian films.

In our city there used to be a very interesting institution "Vodka Room". It was famous for its alternative circles but closed 3 years ago for reasons unknown. As you can see, our city is just a find for art lovers.

Well, if you want to prepare Russian dishes, you have to visit Russian supermarkets with a wide variety of Russian products.

I hope that when Russian citizens find out about our city, they definitely want to come here. Well when you arrive you will surely feel at home.

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30 ° 26'19 "s. Sch. 84 ° 16'50" s. d.
countryUnited States
mayorAndrew Gillum (e)
History and geography
Area268 km².
Center height62 M.
Climate typesubtropical oceanic.
Time zoneUTC -5, summer UTC-4
population181 376 people (2010)
density698.6 people / km²
Agglomeration. 367 413
Digital identifiers
Phone code +1 850
Postcodes32300-32399 (eng.)

Tallahasse (English. Tallahssee [ˌtæləhæsi]) - The capital, the third in number of living population of the United States.


Prior to the arrival of the white territory of what is now Tallahassee, Tallahassee inhabited an indiscussing Apalachi tribe who hunted, gathered, and farmed. For the first time, the Europeans learned of the existence of Apalachi from four survivors (of more than four hundred settlers) who participated in an unsuccessful expedition led by the Spanish explorer Panfilo de Narvays. The hostility of the indigenous people was the main cause of the colonists' deaths. Right where the city is now, he first reached Hernando de Soto, whose expedition stopped there from 1538-1539.

Despite the formal affiliation of the new Spain, the area was practically not visited by representatives of the Spanish colonial authorities. Attempts at colonization were not made due to native hostility, hot climates, and tropical diseases. The area was occasionally visited by traders, mainly from the French. The transition of the territory to Great Britain on the results of the Seven Years' War did not change anything, as did the return of their Spain after the US War of Independence.

In November 1817, during the First Seminole War, American troops under the command of General Andrew Jackson surrendered the Indian village that stood on the site of the current city. The village was called Tallahassee, which meant " old fields"In 1819 the former Spanish colonies of Western Florida and Eastern Florida were sold to the United States. The capital of the newly established Territory of Florida became Tallahassi, largely due to its location halfway between the old Spanish capitals of the two colonies, and ever since." At that time, the journey between these two largest cities in Florida took more than a month and a half.In 1845, Florida became the 27th state in the United States, and Tallahassee was granted state capital status.

During the heyday, the southern Allahassee, which was one of the centers of the cotton belt, flourished. The city became the only East Mississippi state capital that was not invaded by northerners during the Civil War.

The abolition of slavery and the general decline of the South after the war caused a major blow to the urban economy. Cotton and tobacco plantations, which generated enormous sales, were brought to market, many of which the northerners had from the occupation administration to organize famine. Only by the late 19th century did the urban economy begin to recover, mainly due to the growth of citrus quotations, logging, and tourism (and of course the status of state capital, which significantly raises the city budget). These industries (along with education and health care) remain the foundation of the urban economy and this.

In 2000, Tallahassee caught the attention of the whole world, which took place there by recalculating the votes, the result of the presidential election sparked in favor of George Bush Jr.

Geography and climate

Geographic information.

Tallahassee is in the middle of the northern part, about half the way between and and only 40 km south of the Georgia border. The city is a very Hilmitist by Floridian standards, the lower point is almost at sea level, the top of the highest hill is 62 meters. At this point is a historic center for the city, including the Florida Capitol. The city is the only one of the capitals of the US states, the center of which is in the highest point of the urban area. There are two lakes in the city - Jackson and Lafayets. From the north of Tallahasses Borders with the National Park Apalachicola National Forest.. Flora and fauna in the vicinity of the city are more typical of, or more than, Florida.


Tallahassee is located in the zone of the subtropical marine climate, with typical belts for this long, hot and rainy summer and soft, short winter. Summer in the city is hotter and winter is colder than most Florida cities. The snow was recorded only a few times in the history of observations, the last time - in January 2018.

Climate Tallahassee.
Absolute maximum, ° C28,0 32,0 33,0 35,0 39,0 41,0 40,0 39,0 39,0 35,0 31,0 29,0 41,0
Middle maximum, ° C18,0 20,0 23,0 27,0 31,0 33,0 33,0 34,0 32,0 28,0 23,0 19,0 26,6
Mean temperature, ° C11,0 12,5 15,5 19,0 24,0 27,0 27,5 28,0 26,0 21,0 16,0 11,5 19,9
Middle minimum, ° C4,0 5,0 8,0 11,0 17,0 21,0 22,0 22,0 20,0 14,0 9,0 4,0 13,2
Absolute minimum, ° C−14 −19 −7 −2 1,0 8,0 14,0 14,0 4,0 −2 −11 −12 −19
The rate of precipitation, mm110 123 150 78 88 196 185 186 119 82 89 99 1506

Washed by the warm waters of the Mexican Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, called blooming and sunny. Ins and big is nothing surprising, because during the year in the Florida Territory, the thermometer rarely drops below + 20 ° C. The state's climate is recognized as an important and valuable natural resource. Heat and evergreen palm sights in these edges attract many guests. You are trying to get into the luxurious and simmering irresistible ENERGY, Miami, as well as hot and mountainous Tallahassee (the capital of Florida) which are further debated.

The city is beautiful, practice and not young, and this makes it possible not only to enjoy the sea and weather, but also to organize a good cultural program.The official year of the formation of Tallahassez is considered to be 1824, however, before "White" arrived, the territory was settled with indigenous peoples - Apalachi Indians. We invite you to consider with us on places you should visit while in Tallahassee.

Old and new capitol

Two buildings stand side by side, as if symbols of different eras. The magnificent old capitol was built in 1845 - this is a building that is important from both a historical and an architectural point of view. It is located at the intersection of Monroe Street and Appalachi Boulevard, in the center of the capital of Florida (USA). Now here is a museum that anyone can visit. Their exhibition tells of the stages in the formation of state legislation.

The new Capitol cannot be seen. This is a bulky 22-story administrative building that is now the home of the Representatives and Senate. It was built in the 70s of the last century. The project reflects the demolition of the old Capitol and the expansion of the space. As soon as it became known to local residents, local residents organized a successful movement for the preservation of the state's historical and cultural heritage. The result is an interesting place where "meeting" and harmoniously coexist two different historical epochs.

There is a huge state park nearby. Alfred B. Maclay with a botanical garden that occupies a territory with an area of ​​more than four square kilometers.

Mission San Louis.

The first Europeans arrived in the country, which are now deployed in the capital of Florida (USA) in the city of Tallahassee in 1528 as part of the expedition of Spanish equastadors. The Indians met their hostility to survive only four people. The second attempt to leave these places was only made after 10 years. Captain Hernando de Soto soldiers captured the settlement. And in 1656, the Franciscan Mission was organized in its place by the Mission of San Louis, which served as a religious, educational, and military center for more than 1,400 Apalachi Indians.

Today, the Mission's territory in the capital of Florida is a national historical monument that will immerse you in the atmosphere of those distant times. Here you will love to walk through a small garden, see the work of the blacksmith, learn about the life of a typical Spanish family and if you want you will try to eat the first European settlers in the XVII century.

In the mission field, all of the buildings have been created with careful historical accuracy, including the Board of the Application Council, the height with a five-story building (in the photo above) and a wooden church.

Antique Cars Museum

The capital of Florida has six main museums. They are dedicated to different topics and epochs. One of the most interesting is definitely the Antique Car Museum. The pleasure of his visit receives not only car lovers, but also children. The exhibition consists of a collection of vintage and rare Ford models, Duesenberg, Chevy, Delorean, Corvettes. Additionally, here you can see that you can see Bat Cell Phones demonstrated in the movie "Return Batman".

In total, more than 140 cars are displayed in the museum, as well as cast toy models, vintage boats and their individual elements, bicycles, cash registers, spark plugs and so on.

Museum of Florida History

At this museum, you can learn how the capital of Florida and the entire state as a whole have an interesting history. Unauthorized and exciting exposures are available for absolutely free, but you can leave a small charity fee if you wish.

Opened in 1977, the Florida History Museum, which opened in 1977, holds, displays, and interprets the evidence of past and present cultures that are present in the state. His attention is mainly focused on the exhibits and eras that are unique and characteristic of Florida history, and also talk about the role of its residents in national and global events.

Goodwood Museum and Gardens

Before the start of the Civil War, Florida was one of the wealthiest southern states whose planters were used to grow cotton. Once the hooded wood plantation consisted of 1050 acres of processed land and the cost of them had been turned over over 30 thousand dollars. Now this is a museum with extensive surroundings and a beautiful garden. This place is ideal for getting acquainted not only with the past of the capital of Florida, but also with the history of the entire state.

The large mansion will immerse you in the atmosphere of the old American South, which demonstrates the well-preserved environment of the XVIII-XIX centuries. A lovely well-tended garden is especially good in spring when trees are in bloom.

Welcome to the United States of America!


Full title: Tallahassee (Tallahassee)
Founding year:1824
Population (with surroundings): 370 thousand people.
Area:267 sq. Km.

Tallahassee is the capital and ranks fourth in population.

This name was fixed outside the city at the beginning of the 16th century, thanks to the Indians of the Apalachi tribe who inhabited the local land. Literally, Tallahasse can be translated as "old fields". This is due to the fact that earlier the city was surrounded on all sides by huge fields. According to legends, the final version of this name was chosen by the daughter of the ruler of Florida, Octavia Walton.

Photo Tallahassee.

Tallahassey developed not only under the influence of Indians, but also under the influence of those who came here later than the British, French and Spanish.

Tallahassee was founded in a thousand eight hundred and twenty-five year year to resolve the Florida legislature, thus closing the question of the placement of the state capital in the village, which was made between the towns of Pensacola and St. Augustine.

Currently, the city is the financial and shopping center of several of Florida's northern agricultural regions. Here is a traditional tobacco, wood, chemical, and printing industries. The University of Florida began its work in Tallahassee in a thousand eight hundred and fifty first year, and on the eighty year of the same century, Florida Agricultural University opened to applicants from across the country.

The main attractions of the city are considered to be the Historical Museum of the Floridian Historical Museum, the Museum of History and Natural Sciences, which was built in the thirty-nine year of the nineteenth century, and the new Capitol, which began its work for one thousand nine hundred and seventy years.

The Florida government meets in Tallahasissis, and there are two out of ten universities in the state, as well as a public college. Government agencies and organizations (including universities and colleges) serve as one of Florida's largest employers - more than forty percent of the local population is involved. The state economy depends mainly on trade, staff associations and the service sector.

Two regional hospitals are databases for a large number of medical personnel who serve not only north-central Florida, o and southern parts of neighboring Georgia.

One of the main characters of the film "Welcome to Zombiland" was named Tallahassee - from the title of the city in which he had to get.

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