How many parts of the sentence are there

Rearrange parts of the sentence

Parts of a sentence that one move together are called parts of a sentence.

Wolfgang Herrndorf │ wrote │ the youth novel “Tschick”.

The youth novel “Tschick” │ was written by │ Wolfgang Herrndorf.

This conversion process is called Changeover sample.

With the help of the conversion sample you can determine the number of sentence parts determine in one sentence.

sentence parts can from one single word ( composed ) or off several words ( the youth novel "Tschick" ) consist.

The order of the clauses in the sentence: The predicate

For the order of sentence parts in the sentence:

  • In the statement, the predicate is always in the 2nd position.
    The main component of the predicate is always a verb.

  • However, one can Part of the verb slide to the end of the sentence.
    In this case the verb braces the others sentence parts a.
    That is why one speaks of one Verb bracket.

Take a look at the following examples:

The teacher reads from the youth novel “Tschick”.

In this case, the prefix of the verb read out slipped to the end of the sentence.

The teacher read from the youth novel “Tschick”.

Even if the tense of the verb is compound, will sentence parts bracketed.

The first chapter from the youth novel “Tschick” was read out by the teacher.

In this case there is one passive form of the verb, the other sentence parts bracketed.


The predicate is in the 2nd position in the statement.
When verbs are made up of several parts sentence parts bracketed.

This applies to ...

  • Verbs with prefixes

  • compound tenses
  • Passive forms.

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The order of the other parts of the sentence

The order of the others sentence parts is not so strictly defined. Usually the following order applies:

Subject - predicate - adverbial determinations - further parts of the sentence
(e.g. objects)

The students │ read │ today │ in class │ the first chapter from the youth novel “Tschick”.

Subject │ predicate │ adverbial determinations │ object

Emphasize clauses, create tension

You can also deviate from this order. With this it is possible for you certain parts of the sentence to emphasize.

Today the students read the first chapter from the youth novel “Tschick” in class.

You can also use it to make sentences more varied and create tension.

With “Tschick”, Wolfgang Herndorf wrote one of the most successful German-language novels of recent years.
He died on the night of August 27, 2013 at the age of 48 after a serious illness.
Herrndorf worked on one last text until shortly before his death - the working title "Isa".