What is the default music app

iOS 14.5: Set the default music app yourself? Apple comments on new function


In the beta of iOS 14.5, testers discovered a supposed function that should set a standard music app. Now Apple gets in touch and reveals what's behind it.

  • Apple speaks up and clarifies how Siri interacts with music apps.
  • You cannot set a default music app.
  • Through your usage behavior, the voice assistant learns which apps should be used for which type of music.

An interesting feature was discovered in the beta version of Apple's new operating system, iOS 14.5. You should be able to define not only the standard email app and browser, but also the music app. Now the US company has spoken out to avoid misunderstandings.

You can noSelect the music app as the standard application, but Siri will learn your behavior when listening to your music over time, as the technology blog Techcrunch reports.

If you ask Siri to play a certain playlist or music style, the assistant will ask you which app you want to use. This is how Siri learns which app to use for music or which application to use for audiobooks. This also allows developers to develop more interfaces for the digital assistant.

Another advantage is that Siri can deal with your concerns more precisely. Over time, it might feel like you can use one app as the default depending on the type of music you are playing.

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