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Kindle Oasis: Amazon's most expensive e-reader is getting warmer, but not much better

Amazon has launched a new e-reader. The Kindle Oasis replaces its predecessor of the same name from 2016 - and above all it has a big innovation to offer: the lighting of the e-reader can now be adjusted in color to make it more pleasant for the eyes. The cheapest version of the e-reader is available for 230 euros. The STANDARD received a test device from Amazon.

Technical characteristics

The device hardly differs technically or optically from its predecessor. In addition to the new color temperature, improved e-ink technology is used, according to Amazon. The e-reader weighs 188 grams and is available in two colors: gold and gray.

The Kindle Oasis is available in three different versions: 8 GB, 32 GB or 32 GB with integrated and free LTE connection, which enables mobile downloading of books and audio books. Like its predecessor and the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, the new device is also waterproof.

The look

The new e-reader from Amazon is a feast for the eyes. The golden aluminum back gives the device a chic flair and feels high-quality in the hands. The screen is matte, does not reflect and leaves a pleasant feeling on the fingertips. However, both the front and back of the premium e-reader are prone to dirt and fingerprints - stains are immediately noticeable.

The back of the device is seamless, and both the power button and the two buttons on the front of the device that are designed to turn the pages feel tough and reliable. There is an elevation on the back that should probably serve as a handle or accommodate the battery.


The device is thin and slippery in the hands due to its aluminum housing. The scope of delivery of the e-reader does not include a cover, this costs 40 euros or more. Even if the Kindle looks beautiful, expensive and of high quality without a cover, the nature of the e-reader proves to be equally fragile and fragile.

Neither in the hands nor when placing it on table or glass surfaces does the device feel robust or resilient. The smooth surface also offers no support, which makes the handling of the expensive device - without the protection of a cover - somewhat uncomfortable. In its bare form, the Kindle Oasis is not an e-reader that you would take anywhere - on the beach or on the tram.

The buttons for turning pages, on the other hand, are conveniently placed - thanks to the turning sensor, they can be operated with both the left and right hand.

The screen

As with its predecessor, the screen measures 7 inches - one inch more than that of the probably largest Oasis competitor, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The e-ink technology of the e-reader can display images and text in 16 shades of gray and has 24 LED lamps that can illuminate the display evenly in a wide variety of lighting conditions. In addition, the device has light sensors that can automatically adjust the lighting. In the test, however, this function turned out to be annoying, as the constant change between the levels is recognizable and distracts from reading.

The screen doesn't disappoint, however - the font is crisp, sharp, and rich in contrast. The e-ink technology makes the pages look like real paper, and additional lighting is not absolutely necessary in a normally to poorly lit room.

The big innovation - the warm light

Surprisingly little has changed since the last Kindle Oasis model - a pleasant innovation, however, is the adjustable color temperature of the display lighting. It has been proven that reducing blue tones in screens has a positive effect on sleep patterns.

The display color can be set in 24 levels from a slight orange tinge to a strong amber color. The adjustment of the color temperature can also be based on a schedule - either the warmth of the light automatically adapts to sunrise and sunset, or it is based on the user's time specifications.

The new color shade proves to be beneficial and easy on the eyes in the test. In addition to the effect on use, there is also another, aesthetic plus point: the orange tinge gives the already paper-like and very sharp display an even more realistic paper look.

Battery life

If you switch on the device for the first time, it boasts of its long battery life. "Lasts weeks, not just hours," proclaims a lettering. The Amazon website also states that the device would last for up to four weeks on a full charge - in offline mode, with a brightness level of 13 and a half hour reading time per day.

With an active WLAN connection and medium brightness level, the device does not last for weeks, but for hours. During the test, a three-hour reading unit could literally observe how quickly the energy level drops. After four days of use, the device under test had to be recharged. However, if you use it permanently in offline mode, it lasts much longer.


Amazon lovingly calls the Oasis its "best Kindle" - it is without a doubt the most expensive. The adjustable color temperature is a successful innovation - and, disappointingly, the only one. It's been three years since the last Oasis generation, and the lack of innovation in the new model testifies to the laziness in development that Amazon seems to have developed due to its lack of competition in the e-reader sector.

The high price is completely unjustified, especially because of the lack of innovations. For the charger, Amazon decided to keep the USB-2 port of the predecessor - in 2019, a missing USB-C port is unforgivable, especially for a luxury device of 230 euros or more. It is also disappointing that it does not support a 5 GHz WLAN connection, another point that raises questions about the three-year development phase.

The Kindle Oasis is a beautiful and high quality e-book reader. The biggest criticism of the luxury Kindle model is probably the price. Especially the abundance of functions of the Kindle Paperwhite, which is around 100 euros cheaper, makes one wonder about the justification of the pricing. Anyone who wants to buy the new Kindle Oasis can therefore only be advised to make an accurate product comparison. (Tiana Hsu, September 4, 2019)

Note in the sense of the editorial guidelines: The test device was made available to the editors by Amazon for a limited period of time.


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