Why is my grandpa touching my breasts

Answer by JuliaZ

Dear Emma,

Thank you for contacting us;)

Basically I could write a lot now about the fact that your described situation from your grandpa was not okay, but you also know that yourself. And if we believe your grandfather's apology, then he also knows that he behaved wrongly.

No matter how you dressed, how lovely the situation was for him- That shouldn't have happened.

All that you describe I would now call an assault. Something like this often happens to many women several times in life and it all depends on how you deal with it yourself in order to draw very clear lines.

'No!' It is difficult for many to say at such a moment and it is important that you learn this. Simply to make it very clear where the end is and from where it represents an encroachment on your own body for you. You too should protect your body and in such a situation take your right to defend yourself against it - regardless of whether it is your grandpa or someone else.

Your no then has to be accepted. Always only allow what you yourself want.

Your grandpa has clearly gone too far and there are a few ways you can deal with it further.

Perhaps it will help you to simply avoid situations with him alone in the future. Or maybe in the situations where you are alone with him and there is a conversation about this incident to clearly change the topic of conversation. So that you clearly signal to him that you do not want to talk about it.

Not only physical assaults are to be rejected if you do not want them, but of course also conversations that can represent an assault on your well-being and you can reject them at any time.

I understand that the whole thing is still about your grandpa, but in general it also applies here that you always have the right to protect yourself in any form that is necessary. Whatever you want and what is good for you, you should do. You only do the rest if you can wear it.

No matter how beautiful or interesting someone finds you, you are always able to keep the other person's boundaries. And what happened to you was absolutely cross-border and certainly a very unpleasant situation for you. Hopefully in retrospect this was a lesson for your grandpa and just as uncomfortable for him as he behaved.

However, you should definitely seek help in the event of further such attacks. On the part of your family or at any time acutely via telephone counseling or our advisory services here.

I hope that I could help you a little. If you have any questions or further problems, you can of course contact us at any time.

All love and good,