What is software certification

How does the certification of the software work?

The certification process is divided into three areas:

  • consultation to support the analysis and implementation.
  • First time Certification of payroll accounting.
  • Recertification and maintenance of the certificate in the following period.

Preparatory advice on the development of a payroll accounting:

  • Explanation and implementation of the guidelines for wage data processing and transmission at the ERP manufacturers.
  • Support of the developers of payroll accounting with regard to typical user requirements (security, functionality and user friendliness).


Certification of payroll accounting:

  • Technical and formal review based on specific test cases.
  • Technical review of the transmission components using reference applications.

Swissdec certification process:

  • Interested parties should contact Swissdec.
  • An agreement is signed between the specialist unit and the ERP manufacturer.
  • Advance advice from an expert.
  • Certification (system test, input masks, test cases, electronic transmission).
  • Recertification / quality assurance.
  • Swissdec assumes that the ERP manufacturers first run through the test cases themselves until they get a correct result. Only then is the Swissdec expert called in for acceptance.

When does a certificate have to be renewed?

The certificate for a product must be renewed if one of the three following points is met:

  • The manufacturer makes a major change to the payroll accounting or the transmitter, which affects the legal basis or the Swissdec guidelines.
  • The legal basis or the Swissdec guidelines have changed in important parts.
  • After the validity of the Swissdec certificate has expired.